A very quiet walk

An old post, from summer 2014. Ollie, and Beetley Meadows. Only two comments back then, so two of you might remember it.


The routine of the beetleypete household has been disrupted of late. I am doing two weeks of Cycling Proficiency training at the local school, which means I have to go out with Ollie at different times. Regular readers may recall that my normal practice is to leave home around 2pm, and walk with the dog until at least 4.30, sometimes later in good weather. This week and last, I have had to split his walks, with the earlier start of 10am until 12, and a second walk from 3.30 until 4.30.

This may seem of little significance to you as a reader. But as a dog-walker, Beetley Meadows is a very different place, before midday. The majority of the locals have left for work, the children are at school, and most regular walkers do not appear until after 2pm. This fairly large area is completely deserted, apart from abundant bird…

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