Time to start watching…

Christmas is coming, and our habit is to give out a list of presents we might like to receive, so we don’t end up with unwanted gifts like soap sets, or decorative items we have no room to display. My short list this year contained one non-fiction book, and fifteen DVD films that I would like to own. I already knew that I would be getting a new pair of my favourite sheepskin bootee slippers, so didn’t bother to include them on the list.

Thinking about the DVD films to add to my list, I generally only consider the cheaper ones, not the expensive brand new releases, or Blu-Ray editions. It seems presumptuous to request an expensive version of something that can be bought for half the price, or reduced significantly once the festive season has passed. As small parcels began to arrive, it soon became obvious that Julie has bought more than a few of the films on my list. And if she has passed on the others from the list to relatives, I might be lucky to get lots of new films to watch.

This morning, I had to get something from a shelf in my small office. I noticed the top shelf, which contains DVD films that I have yet to watch. Some of these are still wrapped in cellophane, and some are used copies, bought for next-to-nothing on Amazon Marketplace. The films are stacked two deep, with others on top of them, sideways on. I had a look through them, and was quite frankly startled to discover that there are over forty films I have yet to watch. Many were presents from last Christmas, and my birthday in March. Some date back to Christmas 2016.

I watch a fair bit of TV. I also watch films on TV. Since acquiring a streaming device, I have watched a lot of foreign serials on that, generally one episode after the other, until I have seen them all. But I obviously don’t watch nearly enough films on DVD.
I will have to set aside some time in 2019, and get watching.

39 thoughts on “Time to start watching…

  1. I will probably get little or nothing for Christmas because my kids have ignored more all year, so I really don’t give a flying fart whether I get anything or not. (I have Jesus and that is good enough for me.)

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    1. I suspect you have most of the things you need already, John. You got to 80 years old in relative good health, enjoy writing and blogging, and find solace in your faith. That sounds a lot better to me than more after-shave. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I said I would watch more films “When I retire”.
      Something always gets in the way. πŸ™‚
      Enjoy the kids while you can. Before they are stroppy teenagers, and ‘hate you’. πŸ™‚
      The films can wait mate.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I suggested a halt to Christmas presents for adults in our family – seemed daft for the youngsters to buy us things we neither wanted or needed and it saves them some expense that they can spend on themselves or their children. We tend to send money to the grand-kids now except for the Aussie ones who are still young enough to be excited by receiving a present from overseas. The OH and I may buy each other something small and personal like a CD or book, and something more expensive for the house – though we have been a bit lax on that one for a few years. We had a TV on the list for several years, but could never decide on which one and then my son gave us the old TV he had (not Smart but biggish) which is perfect for us. We may buy a soundbar for it if we can figure out how to plug one in!!

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    1. I always tell my step-children that red wine is an easy choice, and most acceptable.
      As for televisions, I find them baffling these days. I would love to get a new one, but I cannot face the drama of tuning it in, and working out where all the cables have to go! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  3. You’re definitely slacking with the movie watching! I am getting slippers, supposedly a surprise from my daughter-in-law but as she’s got me a pair every year it’s a good bet! (I like new slippers so will be very happy!) Phil and I don’t do presents for each other though I usually get him a little surprise, and we give the kids money to offset the amount they spend on their kids! My son in law always gets me a blu-ray so I’ve asked for Deadpool 2 (of course! πŸ™‚ )

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  4. Pete, I am a collector of books, music and movies. I have the same issue that you do: many still not enjoyed. I vow to also begin to make my way through them – here’s to an enjoyable 2019 filled with new entertainment!

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    1. I hope you wanted those domestic items, Robbie! (I’m sure you did)
      I never buy anything remotely domestic for my wife. It’s a golden rule that she must have ‘personal’ presents. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I’ve never received a film for Christmas, and haven’t bought any in quite a few years. I did finally watch a film last night, though. “Poseidon” (the remake) was poorly received by the critics, and I’m not sure the film even broke even financially, considering the cost of promotion, but it’s a fun watch. There are a couple of cringeworthy moments, but it’s exciting overall, and Kurt Russell’s drowning sequence is more than convincing.

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  6. πŸ™‚ It seems to me you need to add “time” on your wish list. Time to watch thos 40 recorded films. πŸ™‚ We got our first Christmas Card last week. so apparently it is the time to start holiday greetings. Merry Christmas! Warmest regards, Theo (I am listless or is this a totally new use of the word?) πŸ™‚

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