Ollie is on the mend

After my recent post about Ollie, and his sudden tendency to bark at strange times, I thought I would update you on his progress. I mentioned I was treating him for an ear infection. I was using medication bought the last time it happened, in mid-summer. But his ear was not improving at all, and it became obvious that he would have to have both steroids to reduce the swelling and itching, as well as oral antibiotics to fight the nasty stuff inside.

I managed to get a Vet appointment on Thursday. He took one look at Ollie’s swollen ear, and immediately prescribed the usual tablets, advising me not to use any drops inside his ear for at least ten days, until the swelling had gone down. I mentioned the barking at night, and it was his opinion that the ear infection was the cause. This would make Ollie hear sounds differently, and not recognising them, he would bark at something normally familiar. And if he happened to be lying on his ‘good ear’, he would hear nothing at all, so might bark in distress at being ‘deaf’. Apparently, dogs that lose their hearing often bark constantly, especially as they cannot hear the sound of their own bark, which confuses them. Ten minutes later, and Β£118 ($149) worse off, we were back in the car.

So, two days on the tablets, and a great improvement already. No more trying to scratch his ear, and greatly reduced head shaking too. By the time he has finished a seven-day course, it should have cleared up completely. Until the next time. One delight for Ollie is that I wrap his tablets in slices of cheap ham. Otherwise, he will spit them out. In the ‘ham-wrap’, he just swallows them immediately.
So he gets a food bonus, along with the tablets to make him better.

61 thoughts on “Ollie is on the mend

  1. I’m so pleased to hear Ollie is on the mend. Yes, the ham definitely works. With the dogs I was looking after we used to combine ham with soft cheese or yogurt. The bonus was that because there were three dogs and you should not make distinctions between them, the three of them got the same treat although only one got the tablets… Oh, joy!

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  2. Glad to hear Ollie is doing better…..as for pills I have one the takes her meds without incident and then there is the “Little Man” he has to be fooled into it….and at times it is s chore…but we do it out of love….even if they think we are being mean….LOL chuq

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  3. I’m glad he’s improving, so glad. As to feeing dogs medicine wrapped in bacon: our Sally used to just eat the bacon and spit out the medicine. πŸ˜‰
    Have a great weekend,

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  4. Good for Ollie. Our Pickle has been scratching at her ear again, but so far is responding to the 50% white vinegar treatment. She’s going deaf anyway, but she is 14. The plus side is that she isn’t afraid of bird scarers any more as she can’t hear them. We’re very quiet at the moment since it was always our younger dog who used to warn us of deliveries. She died a few weekends ago after a prolonged fit (you may have read about it on my blog). We thought Pickle would miss her, but the old girl seems to appreciate getting all the attention.

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  5. Oh…Poor boy. Ear infections are terribly painful–for humans anyway. So glad he’s on the mend.
    By the way, I’ve been out due to knee surgery. Probably won’t be interacting much on the blog until after the New Year. Doing good. Just wanted you to know.
    Merry Christmas, Pete.

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    1. Those prices are normal here, Mary. It’s over Β£30 to walk through the door, then three different lots of tablets at whatever each. I asked him about buying online, and if he would give me a prescription. He said he would, but charges Β£15 per medication for prescriptions, that on top of me driving a 25-mile round trip to pick it up. I will get around 80% of that back through the insurance, when I put in my annual claim. I think Vets know that most of us are insured, and that has pushed up prices over the years.

      In his defence, he is the best vet around, and moved from the previous practice to set up on his own, because they were not very good. I moved with him, as I trust him to do the best for Ollie. Also, his parents live in one of the houses behind mine, and I see them with their dog all the time. They would tell him off if they thought I wasn’t happy. πŸ™‚
      (He charges them the full rate too)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Now I know why our little dog has started barking so much. He’s gradually going deaf. he used to be afraid of fireworks and now he doesn’t hear them. He is nearly fourteen and seems quite happy in himself – just sleeps more than he used to. If he can’t hear his own bark that would explain why he almost deafens us in greeting when he sees us when we come back from shopping, yet doesn’t hear when I open the front door.Fine guard dog he is!

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    1. He will take small ones pressed in cheese, but he feels the bigger ones, and eats the cheese around them! πŸ™‚ The ham parcel works without fail, as he likes it so much, he doesn’t even chew it. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Peggy.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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