Featured Blogger: Jacob Kirts

As you know, I am always happy to feature the work of new bloggers, and those who follow my blog.
Today, I am very pleased to be able to introduce you to Jacob Kirts, a military man, and blogger.

This is what Jacob tells us about himself.

My name is Jacob Edwin Kirts. I was born in 1989, meaning I was born a millennial. I actually did not know this for a long time until I searched what a millennial was. Apparently millennials get a bad wrap, that’s okay though I own it! I was born into a military family, where both my mother and father served in the U.S. Army. Also, I have two younger brothers, the youngest serving in the US Army as well. Once I graduated High School I attempted college and quickly found out it was not as great as society and movies made it seem. I decided to follow in my parents foot steps and join the U.S. Army myself, which is the profession I currently am still in today. I have been in the military for just over ten and a half years. With any profession it has had it’s ups and downs but non the less I’ve continued to keep reenlisting to serve. I am married with two wonderful dogs.

Currently I have been writing and reading and continuing my college education. I am a new blogger and writer. Please feel free to reach out with your own tips and guides. Criticism is a great opportunity for me to learn and expand my knowledge base. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the content!

Feel free to share, give any feedback on any of the posts or reach out to me and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

He has sent me the following article, to give you some idea of his blogging style, and the type of subjects he writes about.

Why should you start writing?

Writing is wonderful! Writing can help you out in so many ways and comes in many shapes and forms. Most people already write in the shape of text messages and posts to their social media page. However the writing I’m going to be talking about is the well thought out, diverse, self writing. That means ink on paper or electronic writing. Not a quick post to your page but the meaningful and fulfilling action of writing. Below is a list of the top five reasons you should not only start writing, but why you should start writing today!

1- Never lose your thoughts and store your ideas

Writing is the premier way to keep a log of your thoughts. It does not need to be written in stone to keep its message. Writing is a great tool to help us all remember the day to day goals, plans, meetings and activities. As people we love sharing our day to day with others. But what about your ideas? Your true ideas I mean. How often do you write them down? I bet it’s not enough as you would like. Imagine that you can look back on your writings and generate new ideas from what you’ve written before. Imagine that someone, somewhere, could find and use your ideas now, or after you are long gone. I’ve once heard that the best ideas are in the graveyard. That’s because no one bothers to share their ideas or their stories yet alone write them down. Don’t let this happen to you! Your ideas and thoughts are so valuable and can be logged onto paper or electronic storage forever. Use your ideas and thoughts whenever you need them, and never lose a great idea from yourself ever again. Start writing!

2- Release your frustration

Everyone deals with stress, all the time, every day. You complete one task and then two more fall into your lap. Sound familiar? This unfortunately is a never ending cycle that none of us humans will ever escape. So we all have to find individual ways to release our frustration and let go of our stress. None of us wants to go through life mad all the time, we just need to get it all out and that’s okay! You can write! Pick up your pen and give that paper a piece of your mind or type your anger into your computer like a keyboard warrior. No one needs to read it and you can delete it or throw it away afterwards. This is a healthy way to get out your anger and stress without embarrassing yourself in front of others or doing something you may regret later.

3- Help others and tell your story

Regardless of what anyone else says, your life is unique and special. People are much more alike than we think. Through writing, you can connect to other people and relate to them. You can help others out, no matter what their circumstances are. Tell your story and the right people will read it. Imagine if you could reach hundreds of thousands of people and change their lives through writing, would you? Because you can. What if you could only reach one person? But you had the ability to help them through a difficult time, prevent suicide or any other number of tragedies, would it be worth it then to share your story? The answer is yes and deep down inside yourself you know that you have a story to tell. Don’t allow fear to get in the way of telling your story, we all have one and we should share it. Your story and your writing can help change lives, so start writing.

4- Connect with others

You would think I am talking about social media here, as the best way to connect with others, however that is not what I mean. The best way to connect with someone is in person or through a heart felt letter or piece of writing. Your friends and family tag you in posts all the time on social media, but it’s not very meaningful at the end of the day most times. What is meaningful is something that comes from the heart. Have you ever had someone write a love song for you? Me either, but image how that would make you feel. Like a thousand bucks. Whens the last time you received a letter in the mail that was hand written? I’m sure it’s been a while. What I’m saying here is that you have the opportunity to reach out to others and make them feel loved, with just a small amount of time. I’m sure grandma loves that you tagged her in that funny meme, but imagine how she would feel if she got a thought out letter from you. Social Media is fine, but if you want to connect with others on a deeper level, start writing like you mean it.

5- For fun and entertainment

That’s right, write for fun. You should start writing for fun most of all. Don’t over think it. You can literally write everywhere and you don’t need internet or wifi. Find your soul and find a beautiful place to sit and write, or find a beautiful soul to write with you. Writing is adventurous, serious, funny, crazy and a whole lot of entertainment. Add writing to your lifestyle and add writer to your resume. You are only limited by your imagination so go wild. Start writing because it is fun!

There’s nothing quite like spilling your thoughts and ideas onto paper. Holding your pen to the open canvas of the page and going for it. For me writing has been quite the ride so far and I look forward to continuing my journey with you all. If you have some great ideas or reasons why you started writing, that you want to share with others, post them below in the comments section!

Here are some links to Jacob’s blog. Please check out his work, and welcome this new member to our great blogging community.
Here’s why written journals aren’t dead
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I know I can count on everyone to show some support, and thank you in advance.
Best wishes as always, Pete.

36 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Jacob Kirts

  1. Thanks for your words Jacob. It’s definitely refreshing to see that there are more people out there who understand the value of words. I definitely agree about the whole social media thing. It can be easy to forget that behind every account is a real actual person, and sometimes we just have to be there. Other times I think writing is necessary. Sometimes people put up walls, or just aren’t ready to talk or listen, but they might be willing to read. We can do a lot of good with the written word for sure. I’m active duty Army as well we should definitely keep in touch.

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          1. You can do a research, but i think there are definitely more bloggers in Norfolk as here in Upper Palatinate. Here our officials brought fear into the community as some youngsters some years ago used blogging for faming other pupils. They then opend the big box, sent a criminal investigator into the schools, and … You will know, how repression can go on. Best wishes, Michael

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  2. I’ve been rather lazy this year when it comes to writing. Only a handful of limericks. Only 20 song lyrics. And only one chapter of fiction (53 pages). I’ve been even lazier when it comes to reading. I’ve only read one book—in English! I think I needed a little poke in the ribs. Thanks, Jacob!

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