My Favourite Hairstyle

For some reason, I was thinking about Louise Brooks again today. So, here is a totally random post about female hairstyles.
Since my teens, I have been fascinated by that beautiful star of silent films, her turbulent life, and captivating 1920s style. But mostly, it was all about her hair. Nobody has ever carried off a bobbed hairstyle with such allure. It was so famous, it became her personal trademark.

Then in 1985, along came the wonderful British group, Swing Out Sister, fronted by the lovely Corinne Drewery. I thought their songs were great, and then I saw them performing on TV, and was taken aback.

I knew immediately where I had seen that hairstyle before.

32 thoughts on “My Favourite Hairstyle

  1. The style reminds me of a series from Down Under….Miss Fisher’s Mysteries or something like that….around late 20’s is the time….I do not know if I have a favorite style……maybe long straight hair with big hoop earrings…..chuq

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  2. Essie Davis, playing Phryne Fisher in “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” wore this style well, as did Catharine Zita-Jones in “Chicago.” Both the television series and the movie were about subjects that took place in the 20s. You’re right: it is a very attractive hair style.

    Happy Holidays to you, your loved ones, and everyone who read and enjoys (as I do!) your blog!

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  3. I love the smoking eyes–both of them. Clara Bow had that style that made her the “it” girl and started the flapper craze where women bobbed their hair. Clara’s hair was full and curly. No one could wear that bob better than Louise Brooks.

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