The Older Bloggers Survey

Some of you may remember this survey, carried out by Rachel from New Zealand. I completed it, and I know that many of you did too.
I have finally got around to looking up the results, so here are some links to the conclusions.
Some of them surprised me, especially the relatively young age of many respondents.

17 thoughts on “The Older Bloggers Survey

    1. I thought so, Jennie. I have had communication with some teenage bloggers who were blogging as a ‘project’. However, most of my regular contacts are much older, with the majority being over 40 years old.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I found this:

    β€’ At least 19 titles state or hint at the writer’s name, e.g. BeetleyPete, Candidkay, and Wendy Goes Outside.

    In one of those blogs mentioned, there’s also a hint as to the blogger’s location on the planet.

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