Other Blogs: Part Three

I am continuing this series of recommendations of other blogs that I currently follow. If you do not know any of them, then perhaps consider visiting, and reading a post or two. It all helps to support and encourage our fellow bloggers in this great community.

Cindy Bruchman is a lovely American lady. A full-time teacher, published novelist, and a seasoned traveller too. Her blog is full of interesting things, including film and cinema, literature, great photos, travel experiences, and life in Arizona. One of my great blogging friends, and we have collaborated on articles too.

Fraggle has many blogs, and they are mostly about photography. She travels around the north-east of England finding amazing places to photograph, and provides fascinating informative history about them too. On occasion, she goes further afield, and uses her extensive armoury of cameras to capture some great results. A good sense of humour, home life, craft projects, and much more.

GP Cox writes a wonderful blog about a very niche subject, The Pacific Theatre of combat, in WW2. Personal memoirs of his paratrooper father, interesting background articles, and poignant individual stories of those who served in that terrible conflict, on all sides.

Abbi Osbiston is a South African, now living in Essex with her English husband, and young son. Her blog is a joyful mix of Film and TV reviews, Literature, being a young mum, and eating unusual foods from around the world. She throws in a candid look at her own outfits, and her busy job.

John Rieber lives in California, and works in the entertainment industry. He loves films and music, and is exceptionally well-travelled. His blog is full of unusual food, amazing places, great photos of his travels, and bacon. Always bacon. A really engaged blogger, and a pleasure to follow.

Vinnie is not his real name. I know what his real name is, but I am keeping his secret. He lives in the north-west of England, and loves to review films and TV series. He knows his stuff, and provides a real mix of film genres on his blog. Friendly, and always a loyal follower, he knows what blogging is all about.

Six more to check out, from the sites that I follow. More to come soon.

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