Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Ollie In Winter.

Well, it’s about my dog, so not unusual that I woke up thinking about my much-loved companion today.

Ollie doesn’t know that it is winter. He doesn’t seem to feel the cold when we go out, and is still happy to plunge into the icy waters of the small river. Mud means nothing to him, except to give his paws something soft to walk on. He doesn’t seem to care that it gets dark earlier, or if he is occasionally soaked by freezing rain, or peppered with hailstones.

The piles of rotting leaves that carpet his walks are sources of more smells, and of no other interest to him besides that. The absence of those leaves on the trees makes it easier for him to spot the squirrels that scamper away as he approaches, and the fact that ‘fair-weather’ dog walkers appear less frequently means that he has to search harder to detect the signs of other dogs.

He is stocky and well-nourished, with a short-haired coat of fur that is nevertheless dense and protective. So he doesn’t shiver, and certainly has no need of one of the coats that adorn so many of the other dogs seen around. I suspect he wonders why they are sporting tartan woolens, or rain-resistant mackintoshes. They are dogs like him, after all. In the absence of human owners, there would be no ‘doggy coats’, and certainly no matching ‘doggy boots’.

The cold weather does seem to make him enjoy his food more, and to look for any extra treats that might be given. He sleeps better when it isn’t so hot, and drinks less too. In the evenings, he settles onto his rug in the living room, happy to not have to search out cool spots to lie on. He relaxes in the warmth of the house, perhaps knowing that the heat will eventually be switched off, and he will soon curl up on his comfy bed for the night.

I have no doubt that he prefers the cooler climes, after September has passed.

And I conclude that, unlike his owner, Ollie is a Winter Dog.

59 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

  1. Ollie is a zen dog, I think. He likes to enjoy life as it is and is masterful at mindfulness. He does not seem to be worried about tomorrow or yesterday and makes the best of what it is. If only we were all like him! Personally, I’m not very fond of extremes of weather, and my hands and feet, in particular, don’t tolerate cold. But I don’t like extreme heat either and humidity even less. Early to mid-spring with reasonably nice weather, or autumn would be my favourite but… I’ll try and learn from Ollie.Thanks, Pete!

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  2. Ollie is a lovely looking dog, Pete. You two do have good times together. I don’t seem to be either a winter or a summer person. Our summer this year has been unbearably hot with temperatures in the high 30 degrees Celsius. It is horrible. Your winters seem to be very cold and snow is great, but only in moderation. I wonder if Mars has a better climate [grin]

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    1. That’s last year’s ‘light’ snow, Robbie. It got much worse! I prefer the summer, for the light evenings. It was hot last year, but it’s never unbearable, at least outside of the big cities.
      I see that you are following my blog now, and that’s very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. We have had a succession of Australian Shepherds who all love the cold. Years ago one went with my daughter to college classes in the winter and stayed very happily in the car. Somebody left a nasty note on her car about the dog “suffering” in the cold. Ha! The dog was in heaven.

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  4. What a handsome boy! And so easily pleased too! I was thinking the other day about my cats having fur coats and how they tolerate the cold outside pretty well so why don’t they get too hot inside? In fact they love getting as close as they can to the fireplace and other heat sources. Don’t know the answer. But neither of them like the rain! Fortunately we are having a little heat wave here and no rain in sight for a few days!

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  5. Pete, thanks for the winter update and photo fo Ollie – a great looking dog! Nice the you can let him enjoy the winter without any extra protection, unlike all of us – in fact, it’s in the 40’s here at night in Los Angeles, and everyone is bundled up like we are in the Arctic circle!

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  6. I much prefer the cooler months in Las Vegas, when you don’t feel like you’re baking in an oven. I’m sure the dogs in town would agree with me. You will almost never see a snowflake in the valley, but, for snow enthusiasts, Mt. Charleston, whose summit is visible from the valley, is less than an hour’s drive away.

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  7. Does our love of dogs – your empathic care of Ollie – help redeem us as a species? I wish I could follow Ollie’s example and drink less [red wine] during the cold weather…

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      1. …of course, honest wishes for a long partnership, a pack of two (and al.) (It’s been quite awhile since that similar my ease with a border collie, Polo his name – from the italian. White tipped nose and tail, ‘poles’ – though he responded more to his4-beat whistle-call, his loving our late night open walks in the snow, (his mother an american samoa, his winter coat warmer than a down cover,) and the giddy way of showing gratitude on return, turning on his back and rollicking around, smiling really, before heading in for the night.) I hope you both enjoy it….

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  8. A good looking Pup. MoMo seems to be more active (if that is possible for a 10 month puppy) with the cooler weather….she also seem to not care about the rain,,,,,it is great to have a good companion, right? Have a good day my friend…..chuq

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