DVD Wednesday: Bad Match (2017)

I am going to try to catch up with my pile of unseen DVD films, and ‘dull Wednesdays’ are as good a choice as any day. I hope to watch one every week, and get the review out the same day.

‘Bad Match’ is a contemporary American thriller, with a story based around the modern way of dating. Using phone apps, single people ‘swipe right’ (or left) to choose potential dating partners based on ‘matches’ of interests, location, and types. I have obviously never used this system, but I do find it very interesting, and have written some short stories based around the vagaries of electronic associations.

Far from being a mainstream film, this has a definite ‘made for TV’ feel about it. I didn’t recognise a single member of the cast, which was a good thing, as I had no prejudices or expectations of the actors. We start by following the easy lifestyle of young advertising executive Harris. He loves to play online games, works at a trendy ad agency, and lives a comfortable life in California. He also likes to meet girls online, mostly for casual hook-ups and dates, followed by one-night stands. It is made clear that he has little intention of following up any of those encounters by trying to form a relationship. He uses some corny lines on the girls, and meets them in the bar where he sometimes hangs out with his best friend.

One night, he arranges to meet the attractive Riley. She likes him a lot, and they end up in bed. For Harris, that’s job done, and he intends to move on. But Riley has other ideas, and turns up at his apartment the next evening, seducing him into a second liaison. The text messages fly thick and fast, as well as phone calls disturbing him at a crucial time at work. He carries on ignoring her, until she finally turns up at the bar, confronting Harris in front of his friends. When she leaves, he hopes that will be the last he sees of her.

But we all know that won’t be the case.

Her obsession with Harris begins to seriously affect his life. Problems at work, disapproval from his friends, and finally a terrible scandal that results in him losing his job, and being arrested for crimes that could leave him facing a long prison sentence. Yes, this is a spoiler of sorts, but bear with me. Instead of just accepting that he made that ‘Bad Match’ of the title, Harris goes on the offensive, determined to prove that Riley has been attempting to frame him, and unravel his life in the process.

So, we have ‘Fatal Attraction’, more or less. No bunnies get boiled, and the cast members are not as impressive as Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. But the idea is much the same, on a smaller budget. Have we seen it all before? Oh yes, we have. I was beginning to be very glad that this DVD was not only a gift, but that the person who bought it for me didn’t have to pay that much for it.


I had to wait right until the end for it, but I was oh-so glad I did. It is a very good twist indeed, and one I would have loved to have written.

That said, you can wait for this to turn up on TV. Other than that twist, it’s average at best.

23 thoughts on “DVD Wednesday: Bad Match (2017)

  1. Despite the derivative elements, I’m always interested in a truly clever twist ending (“Primal Fear”. “Planet of the Apes”). I remember when Mamet’s “House of Games” was released and Ebert, with his usual wisdom, stated that he didn’t want to give the film away (usually a statement preceding him doing just that) but that the movie was built on a great twist. So upon seeing the movie, as I was aware the entire plot rested on a deception, I had the whole thing figured out in the first twenty minutes. Probably why I was the only one in the group who didn’t like the movie. Thanks Ebert.
    (I was think that Ollie could do a pick of the week indicated by one leg up, but that probably would be more indicative of a stinker, so never mind.)

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    1. I watched House of Games unaware of any twist. So I absolutely loved it!
      The twist in this film isn’t unique, but it is not heavily telegraphed either.
      Unfortunately, it comes in the 89th minute of a so-so 90 minute film.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m always on the look out for under the radar film gems. Like you, I grow bored with the same old tried and tired tropes. I may just Google this one and find out the twist without going through the extra 90 minutes or so. You’ve piqued my curiosity.

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  3. It does sound very familiar with those plot elements. There probably aren’t too many variations possible with this set up. I am intrigued that they came up with a plot twist. Not sure I will watch it though.

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  4. I recognise the girl as she was in Banshee (great series BTW if it’s on Netflix). I cheated and read the plot twist elsewhere 🙂 so I don’t have to watch it as a it’s got mostly poor reviews and it’s horror too!

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