Significant Songs (203)

C’est La Vie

In 1987, I heard a really funky song on the car radio. It had a catchy chorus, great vocals, and was incredibly well produced. In a few short minutes, it delivered that ‘wall of sound’ feeling that got right inside me. The radio DJ announced that it was a single released from the new album by Robbie Nevil, an American I had never heard of. I went into my local record shop, and asked about it. I was told that it was only available as a single at the time, and was already in the Top 40. I bought a copy immediately.

Once home, I played it over and over, as it seemed to get better every time I heard it. This was very much my kind of music, and I was looking forward to see it climbing the charts, and appearing on TV music shows. When it got into the Top 20, (eventually reaching number two in the UK) I saw Robbie performing it on television. I was suitably surprised. Instead of a smooth, sharp-looking young black man, here was a skinny white guy, with long hair like a rock performer, and a totally different image to the one I had stereotyped.

I was very impressed.

Robbie continued to record for a while, and had a couple of lesser hits. But he never repeated the success of this great pop song.

And I never did get around to buying his album.

30 thoughts on “Significant Songs (203)

    1. I always wonder why successful recording artists suddenly decide on a ‘change of direction’ that kills their career stone dead. πŸ™‚ Like me ‘suddenly deciding’ to blog about Baseball!
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Its a concert I’m sorry I missed.
        I enjoyed the film, well worth a watch, although I’m sure that much of that was because I could relate to the time period and the band. It could easily be lost on someone younger.

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      2. I never saw them live. To be honest I wasn’t a huge fan, other than of Freddie’s voice. But I have seen their televised concerts in the past. My reply was confusing, implying that I had seen them. I tend to find ‘biopics’ of pop stars to be less than satisfying. But I would recommend ‘Control’, the marvellous film about Joy Division, starring Samantha Morton and Sam Riley.
        And Dennis Quaid did a fair turn as Jerry Lee Lewis in this.!_(film)
        Maybe I do like them after all! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Cheers, Pete.


      1. There was a very popular country western singer back in the β€˜60s who didn’t perform in public for a long time – because he was black. Charlie Pride, I think. It was a big shock to people when he walked on stage for the first time. Fortunately, his popularity never wavered. I can imagine your surprise, too. Best to you, Pete.

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  1. Pete, there is an app now that allows you to find out what song you are listening to – which is helpful because Radio DJs – yes, there still are a few left – NEVER say the name of a song or the Artist, so when you do come across a song you like, you have to pay close attention because you may not ever hear it again!

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    1. It was a one-hit wonder indeed. But I don’t remember this video, which I found online. I do remember seeing him live on a TV pop show, just once. Anyway, those young ladies are far too thin, for my taste. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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