A Winter Moon

Spotted tonight. Misty, cold, 10:15 pm. The moon illuminating the garden, through the branches of the oak tree behind our house. Hand-held long exposure, (1.3 seconds) zoom range, 200 MM. Settings, F 2.8, Aperture Priority, Sony RX 10. A standard colour shot, rendered in monochrome by the available light conditions.

A Norfolk moon, as seen by the ancient Iceni tribe.

49 thoughts on “A Winter Moon

      1. I like it a lot. I read a book ages ago called why it doesn’t need to be in focus, opened my eyes up a little to different possibilities rather than every photo having a pin sharp focal point and this image would have fitted right into that book as a good example of atmosphere and mood. A bit film noir feeling.

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  1. Eerie. It would work wonderfully as a writing prompt. I’m still terrible at taking pictures, although part of my task when covering local news is taking pictures of local events. Thankfully, the editor can manage to sort out most of my disasters and I just take a lot of pictures and hope for the best. Have a great day, Pete.

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  2. Mate I’m feeling the love. I get it, it’s very romantic, just you and me sharing it together. Say Pete you ever spent time in Turkish prison? You like Gladiator movies? When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore.

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