Seven Today!

Today is Ollie’s seventh birthday. As usual, he was refusing to pose for photos on the walk, even though I took him somewhere nice for a change. After many attempts, this was the best I could get.

(Please enlarge the photos, by clicking on them.)

He was happy to receive two birthday presents this morning. A stuffed toy version of the famous ‘Grumpy Cat’, and a new nylon chew bone to replace his much loved previous one. He was so excited by the gifts, he wore himself out, and slept for the rest of the morning.

I drove him the short distance to Beetley Common, for a change of scene, and he was happy trudging through the mud over there. He spotted some sheep, and probably expected a birthday greeting. But they eyed him suspiciously instead.

Further down, he saw a swan on the fishing lakes. But that was busy grooming, and not at all interested in the birthday boy.

He had to make do with me, and the best part of two hours doing circuits of the Common, woodland, and lakes. And by way of celebrating, he has decided to start moulting heavily, covering everything in dog hair. πŸ™‚

Chicken for his dinner tonight, with some extra birthday treats.

78 thoughts on “Seven Today!

      1. When I was a young boy, I got a camera. I would try to take photos of our dog, an English Cocker Spaniel named Tubby. Unfortunately, Tubby would move while I was photographing him. My dad was upset that I had taken a half a roll of film of the back half of a dog. Dad stopped providing the film for my short lived dog portrait hobby.
        Warmest regards, Theo

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  1. Is that one sheep with the black face from Virginia? If so, it should resign from the flock immediately!
    By the way, those are interesting trees in the background, and I’ll swan if those photos don’t have an amazing amount of detail! I clicked to enlarge them.

    Although you live in the flat lands of Norfolk, I think Ollie has reached his peak. Seven years is the perfect age for a dog. Both young and wise! So here’s wishing Ollie a Very Happy Birthday!

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    1. Thanks, David. You squeezed in some good ones. πŸ™‚
      Those ‘bendy trunk’ trees are everywhere around here, something of a local feature. The story goes that they were originally bent deliberately, to provide pre-curved timber for building boats. Not sure if that’s true, but I like the sound of it.
      Best wishes. Pete.

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