Longer Fiction, and Serials

Recent comments from the lovely ladies Maggie and Jude made me realise something. I have a lot of new followers, and many of them are engaging regularly on the blog now. Most of them have not read many of my previous works of longer fiction, and they were not around for the start of most of the serials either. Rather than reblog so many stories, I thought I would put up this post, with links to them, and some idea what they are about. Hopefully, this will entice some new readers to explore those older pieces, and they might even enjoy reading them too. 🙂

It Begins.
A heartless serial-killer, planning with meticulous precision. It has some dark themes. 12,500 words.

A teenager is kidnapped, but it doesn’t go to plan. They didn’t count on Marjorie being the girl she was. 21,400 words.

Benny Goes Bust.
A coming of age tale set in modern-day London. A grandmother who was a glamour queen in her youth, and how it all intertwines to give Benny a career he never expected.
One of my own favourites. 26,000 words.
*Moderate adult content, some sexual references*.

A Pillar Of The Community.
A respectable man, with a dark secret. A motiveless murder, and a police investigation that goes very wrong. 35,000 words.

Street Life.
Hard times on the streets of modern-day London. Living rough, drug use, and exploitation. 18,500 words.

Jackie Jam-Jar.
The criminal underworld, in 1970s London. Crime and violence, slang speech, and lots of nicknames. 10,000 words.
(Contains a glossary of slang terms used)

A secret love affair, a husband betrayed, and his complex revenge. 11,000 words.

39 thoughts on “Longer Fiction, and Serials

  1. I just happened to find this post as I was searching your older fictions. This helps me alot, now I have several more to read without having to search. 😁😁 More posts like this would be great Pete, saves me on having to go back and search 😀 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will do something similar for you, and send it by email, Christina.
      I had completely forgotten this post! I hope you enjoy ‘Benny Goes Bust’. There are big chunks of my own life in that story. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, GP. Although I have it all in ‘Categories’, the fact is I doubt many people will bother to look through such a long list to find them. And I don’t blame them at all! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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