Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder how people who have no arms are able to get dressed?
I do.

Do you ever wonder why so many drivers find it almost impossible to park their cars in a space?
I do.

Do you ever wonder why so many people are obsessed with the lives of so-called celebrities?
I do.

Do you ever wonder why some insects only live for a few hours, mate, and then die?
I do.

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like, if ants were as big as Spaniels?
I do.

Do you ever wonder why some people are geniuses, but most of us can just about count our change?
I do.

Do you ever wonder why we don’t all speak the same language?
I do.

Do you ever wonder why animals like crocodiles have never evolved since the time of the dinosaurs?
I do.

Do you ever wonder about a world with no Internet?
I do.

Do you ever wonder how early man decided to combine ingredients to create bread?
I do.

Those are just ten of the things that I often wonder about.

What do you wonder about?

70 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

  1. Several of these things I have never wondered about… now I am.

    I also wonder about:

    – When did humans figure out how to cook their food?
    – In the absence of anyone to “educate” them, would two humans left together figure out how to have sex?
    – Why are we here at all?
    – Why are some people resilient and some not?
    – Why some people are mortally offended by how others live when it in no way impacts them? e.g. gay marriage, transgender people identifying as a gender different from what they were born, people choosing not to have children

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  2. Excellent thinking, Pete. I often wonder who drew the short straw to eat that mushroom or berry and see if it was poisonous, way back when. And I wonder how Eratosthenes figured out that the earth is round. I can read it a hundred times, but still…how did he do that?! I wonder how some of the greatest architecture was built with crude tools. I wonder how different languages actually began. I wonder why dogs are the animal that loves people.

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    1. I never wonder about my male energy, Lara. It has all gone! If I had an ‘energy gauge’, it would be on ‘Please Refill’, and have a flashing warning light next to it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Two things I wonder about: #1 Why are we humans so destructive to the planet we live on? Sometimes I almost believe the notion that we didn’t evolve here but came from some other planet (that we’d just finished trashing). #2 Why are the parking lots of suburban shopping malls designed to funnel all the incoming traffic right past the entrances, where everyone has to walk to get inside? The pedestrians inconvenience the drivers and vice versa. Why not route the cars around the outer edge of the parking lot? I actually wrote a blog post about this years ago, but I’m no closer to knowing the answer than I was then. Maybe you don’t have these shopping malls in England; they take up a lot of space and aren’t things of beauty. Thanks for this opportunity to wonder out loud, Pete.

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    1. We do have shopping malls in the UK, Audrey, so I know what you mean. πŸ™‚
      (We imported the idea, from the USA)
      Thanks for your own wonderings.
      By the way, I also wondered about your email address. Do you really have 37 cats? πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I wonder about a LOT of the same things you do.

    I wonder why being mean is such a popular thing to do.
    I wonder how it is that a species of basically the same gene pool can be so profoundly stupid so often.
    I wonder how it is that everybody (supposedly) wants to love and be loved, but most are so hateful.
    I wonder how it is that dogs often seem more intelligent than humans — when humans are supposed to be the higher species.
    I wonder how people can mistreat animals and children and not be held accountable.
    I wonder how people can just generally mistreat other people and not be held accountable.
    I wonder WHY in the name of God humans feel so compelled to investigate other planets when they haven’t figured out how to take care of the one they live on.
    I wonder why politicians seem to do everything they can to incite war or general disagreement among the populace.

    Oh, God! I feel myself climbing up on that soapbox. Usually, that’s where a rant begins, so I’d better end my “I Wonder” list right now.

    One last: I wonder why some mist can’t be developed and sprayed in the air that will cause us to love one another, work together and get along.

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  5. Answers:

    (1) Out here in the Old West, few people with no arms get dressed. Most of us have at least a couple of rifles and a handy six-shooter.
    (2) Space cadets do find it difficult to park their car in a space. But at least no one can hear them scream.
    (3) People who are obsessed with celebrities or whatever usually hear tubular bells playing in their brain.
    (4) Inn sex death? I was going to take a stab at that one, but Norman Bates beat me to it.
    (5) Giants ants inevitably create an empire that threatens human existence. That even includes the likes of Joan Collins.
    (6) Whoever created small change was not a genius. A genius is more apt to coin useful terms.
    (7) According to Genesis, there was only one word in the beginning. After a while, everyone got sick of saying the same ole word for everything, so somebody decided to create a dictionary. The dictionary was widely distributed, but poorly copied (sometimes intentionally by devious scribes), so that different pockets of people ended up with dictionaries with corrupted entries. And so begat foreign languages.
    (8) According to Elton, crocodiles rock! Why should they evolve?
    (9) A world with no internet? There are many examples: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter…
    (10) The good folks over at Wonder Bread will be contacting you shortly.

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  6. I wonder why older people like to live in the past instead of embracing the future!
    I also have always wondered who the first person was to invent bread.
    I wonder why BMW and AUDI drivers don’t have to stick to speed limits and like to drive up ones arse.
    My main wonder every day is what to have for tea (dinner if you’re posh.).

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    1. Ouch! I felt that first one. Straight to the heart. πŸ™‚
      I never worry about what to have for dinner. (I’m not posh, as you well know, but I always call it dinner) I do the shopping, and plan a meal for each day, so always know what I will be cooking on any given night.
      Around here, it is not so much AUDI and BMW drivers, more teenage boys in tarted-up old hatchbacks! πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Like an arrow! 😜😘
        Very organised meal planning, I do the shopping too but never know what goes with which day!
        Teenagers in hatchbacks don’t seem to be a thing up here, though I remember them well from living down south.
        This was a fun post!

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  7. Ha. Interesting post today, Pete. Let’s see. Mine seems to be about personal outcomes (which sure feels self-centered). I wonder if I’ll be published. I wonder if my granddaughter will grow up and be okay. I wonder if I’ll see my long lost Uncle who reconnected. I wonder if one son’s marriage will work out. I wonder if I’ll end up a drunk. I wonder if I’ll die before I’m 60. My wonders are linked to “what ifs” and worries. For the world, I wonder if people will stop being obsessed with politics. I wonder if people will stop littering. I wonder if the ozone layer will tear, the polar caps melt, NYC and LA are no more, and if A. I. kills us when they become cognizant and powerful. Yuck. What a horrible game, Pete. πŸ˜‰

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  8. I know the world without internet very well. πŸ˜‰
    Just now I wonder why it can be possible that my upstairs neighbours, two young and very slim ladies, have such heavy steps. They always trample back and forth as if they would weight threehundret kilos each.

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    1. I also remember the world with just books, and pen and paper, Kerin. I just wonder if we could ever cope without our online access now.
      And I have also lived with noisy neighbours above, which is so annoying.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. I wonder why people think about things that make my head hurt when there are logs to be chopped, children to entertain, food to be made, walls to paint, concrete floors to be finished in the barn, seeds to be sown and tea to drink! If I ever wonder I check on the internet, so if we didn’t have it I might wonder more πŸ™‚

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  10. I wonder why some people seem to have brains wired to hurt others.
    I wonder why people cling to grudges and resentment all their lives when they can free themselves by letting go.
    I wonder why it’s so easy to resent others having more than we have, without feeling the need to help those who have less than we have.

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