The Recent Serial: The Absence Of A Twist

As most of you know, my fifteen-part serial ‘A Natural Attraction’ has now concluded. I always like to reflect on such long works of fiction, in the hope that it might interest those of you who may be considering doing something similar.

This time, I chose a darker theme, with adult overtones. I attempted to look behind one of those closed doors we are never privy to, and in the process to consider one outcome of something we see widely reported in the media these days. It was not a comfortable subject to read, or for that matter to write. But I hope you will agree that stories like those need to be told. Not only to enhance awareness, but also in part to promote understanding of how and why some tragic events happen.

I also deliberately avoided the use of a ‘twist’ ending. I made that clear from the start, but I still apologise to the many of you who might have been hoping for one. That decision may well have cost me some drop in readership numbers, but I didn’t think a twist was appropriate for this subject.

It is a big ask to expect readers to stick with so many episodes, and so many words in each one. In this case, it still attracted around 70+ views a day, totalling just under 1200 views so far. Comments were fewer this time, which might have had something to do with the dark theme of the story.

But as usual, I would like to thank everyone who stuck with it until the end, and of course all of you who left comments, reblogged, and shared on Twitter.

For those of you who like to read the whole thing in one long story, that will be available by the end of this week.

Thanks again, and best wishes to you all. Pete.

30 thoughts on “The Recent Serial: The Absence Of A Twist

  1. As I have mentioned,I liked this story very much for its realism. I did feel that it had a “twist” at the end with Finn’s suicide. I am not sure what others mean by a twist. For me it is when the story goes in an unexpected way. All of your stories defy convention in that way, much to my enjoyment.

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  2. I would have been disappointed had there been a twist to the ending. That would not have been in keeping with the story. You did it well, Pete. It was a fitting ending. And, you wrote about a subject that needs more awareness. Best to you, Pete.

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    1. In one way, I am sorry that you cried, Kim. I wouldn’t ever want to upset you. 🙂
      But in so many ways, the fact that you cried over Finn is such a great compliment to my writing, and I thank you dearly for telling me that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. No problem at all, GP. As I said, it was a change of direction for me, and I didn’t expect it to appeal to everyone, far from it. I appreciate your opinion, which is of course valuable to me my friend. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I’m struggling to keep up, Pete. I’ve still not had a chance to read The Old Remington which is waiting for me and now you’d completed another – and there’s a short story today as well. I am deeply impressed at how you can write so much, especially of such a consistently high quality. I just seem to have hit a busy time right now and I’m looking forward to having some me time in which to read. Actually, I have a hair appt tomorrow so I should get started on The Old Remington.

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    1. Thanks, Mary. The posts aren’t going anywhere, so will be here when you get time to read them. The full story of the new serial will be posted tomorrow, or Thursday.
      I have the time because I am retired, and blogging is my main hobby. Also because I really do enjoy writing the serials, once the ideas enter my head. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Hi Pete. Considering the subject matter I think you did a fine job. At the end of #14 and Finn’s suicide I thought it might be over but since I didn’t see “the end” suspected there was one more chapter. I wasn’t surprised that Roland and Roxie got together. What is unclear is the question of Roland’s age at the time. I suspect you left his age purposely vague? Is Roxie committing an offense with an underage boy? Is the age of consent 16 in England? Or older?

    Best regards.

    P.S. I always enjoy your work.

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    1. Frank, in Part One, I mentioned that they had turned thirteen, just sixteen days apart. In the later episode about the birthday party, I stated it was for Finn’s fourteenth birthday, so Roland’s would have been sixteen days later. That means that before the doorbell rang, Roxanne was indeed contemplating sexual conduct with a boy of thirteen, soon to be fourteen. The age of consent is sixteen here, so that would have been illegal, and a crime with serious consequences.
      In the last episode, I had mentioned Roland’s fifteenth birthday passing, but he was not yet sixteen. So when Roxanne invited him to see her naked in that bedroom, and we all presume what happened, he was still fifteen, and still ‘illegal’.
      I hope that clears it up for you?
      I appreciate you reading it all, and your kind words and comments.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. It was a dark story, Pete, but well told as always. I didn’t reply after a certain point in the series because I didn’t feel there wa anything to add….but as always, stayed to the end and enjoyed for the power behind it.

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