Book Review: Ludwika.

This is the second book I have read by Christoph Fischer, and it has made me want to seek out more of his excellent work. A fellow blogger and published author, Christoph has a real talent when it comes to historical fiction.

Here is my five-star review, posted on Amazon UK.

‘Once again, Fischer shows such talent for bringing history to life, with this based-on-fact novel about the survival of a young Polish woman during WW2. Taking the small details he could find, the author weaves them into a story by adding fictional characters, delivering a page-turning experience that showcases his style and skill.
From a peaceful life on a Polish farm, to near slave labour in far-off Germany, we follow the trials and tribulations that beset our young heroine during the long years of that war. And to round it off, we also get to find out what really happened to her, later in life.
This combination works so well, giving us completely believable characters, authentic locations, and set around the cataclysmic events that rocked Europe from 1939, until well after the end of hostilities. Recommended unreservedly, this is a book for everyone to read.’

Adding to the overall enjoyment of this book is the fact that Ludwika was a real person, and her photograph is on the cover. This story of someone doing anything to survive the horrors of the Nazis in WW2 is at times harrowing, but also uplifting. A single mother determined to do the best for her children, Ludwika personifies the strength of her generation; willing to endure almost any privation to survive, and ready to work hard to secure the safety of her family.

From the start of the war in Poland, right through to her time as a refugee later, we encounter many characters that affect her life. Tragedy mixed with hope, kindness alongside cruelty. It is a story of survival, but also one of human spirit, and the dedication of a mother. There is truly something for everyone in this life-affirming novel. I bought my Kindle version from Amazon some time ago, and I am very pleased that I finally got around to reading it.

Here are some links to Christoph’s other books, and also to Amazon, (UK and US sites) where you can purchase your own copy.

39 thoughts on “Book Review: Ludwika.

  1. I know Christoph Fischer’s work, and you are right. He has a knack for historical books and for helping readers understand what it was like to be there. A great review, and one that I know Ludwika’s family are very happy with. Thanks, Pete.

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  2. Yes I really enjoyed reading this a while ago and it has stayed with me. The war in Europe was a completely different experience from that our parents and grandparents experienced in Britain.

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