Ambulance stories (27)

Another old post, from 2013. Only 1 like, and 2 comments, so I doubt any of you will remember seeing this one. 🙂


The spiral staircase

In the areas of Holland Park, Notting Hill, and Kensington, all in West London, there are a lot of small roads known as Mews. These long, narrow, often cobbled places, are at the rear of grand Edwardian town houses, and once provided the stables for the coach and horses from the house at the front, and later, garaging for the early automobiles. The upper floors of these small mews dwellings also offered accommodation, initially for coachmen, and in time, chauffeurs. Once parking became common on the street, or driveways were opened up to allow cars to be parked there, these mews houses were often sold off.

After the Second World War, they were frequently used as garages and service stations, for the repair and sale of used cars; as car ownership grew in popularity, and affordability, for the working classes of the early 1950’s. By the mid…

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