Birds don’t like cornflakes

An old post again, from 2013. I think only Eddy has seen this one before. Nature, in a Beetley garden. 🙂


When I moved here, and had a garden again, for the first time in twelve years, I resolved to be kind to wildlife, and to feed the birds. This took the form of flinging unwanted bread onto the lawn at first. It was well-received by the local Avian population, and quite soon, there were regular diners, waiting on the fences, and nearby rooftops, for my usual time of distribution. Some blackbirds even made their home in the hedges at the back, so as not too be too far from this bounty. Plump wood pigeons, looking like they were wearing well-filled, fancy waistcoats, would arrive in reasonable numbers, bullying each other out of the choicest crusts. Sometimes, great gangs of starlings would suddenly appear, clearing the whole lawn in a feeding frenzy, then speeding off, disappearing as quickly as they had arrived.

I soon wanted more. I wanted country birds. You…

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31 thoughts on “Birds don’t like cornflakes

  1. This made me laugh, you know I’ve worked hard to get purdy birdies here. I do have a pidgeon, known as Walter of course and I put bread down for him while the little ones feed on the happy eater tree. Looking forward to the birdybabes this year 😊

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  2. My grandmother always fed the birds. Breadcrumbs, oatmeal and fruit. I have tried but they do not bite. I think it is a sign our processed food is so unhealthy even the birds will not tough it. Lovely post, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Maggie. Six years later, and they are still enjoying the granary bread I put out. We sometimes still put out the meal worms and sunflower seeds too, but they go rotten if no birds eat them. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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