Looking For Dexter

Today is the start of the school Easter holidays, so I expected to see more kids around once I got over to Beetley Meadows with Ollie. However, there were only a few, so perhaps most had gone off somewhere with their families, as it was a very warm and sunny day today.

I had only been out for ten minutes or so, when I was approached by a young girl riding a cycle. She looked to be around ten years old, and politely asked me if I had seen a big black dog.

I told her I hadn’t, but promised to help search for it if she gave me more details. It was a Labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador and Standard Poodle that is a very popular breed to own these days. It’s name was Dexter, and it was being looked after at their house, while the owners were on holiday. I asked her where I should go if I found him, and she happily gave me her address. I promised to look hard, and went off with Ollie in search of the runaway.

As I looked around the nearby wooded area, it occurred to me how trusting the girl was, to have given me her home address without hesitation. Another sign of living somewhere peaceful, where nothing bad happens.

After a full search of the immediate area, I headed over to Hoe Rough, in case Dexter had crossed the river to that larger Nature Park. But after a good hour or more of searching, and venturing up as far as the busy Holt Road, I hadn’t seen anything, and Ollie and I were the alone on Hoe Rough anyway. I went back to Beetley Meadows, where I asked some other dog walkers to keep an eye out for Dexter.

Before returning home, I decided to check at the address given by the girl, which is not far from my own house. After ringing the bell, I waited a long time. As I was about to leave, she nervously opened the door a little, relaxing when she saw me there with Ollie. I asked if she had found him, and she said she had. I told her I was pleased about that, and left.

So the runaway is safe and sound, and I felt better, knowing that Ollie and I had done our bit.

42 thoughts on “Looking For Dexter

      1. Who thinks you don’t write about happy? Your stories may not be about happy, but the thread of morality is woven into your stories – sometimes in the reverse way. It works! Best to you, Pete.

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  1. Nice to see that trust still exists and that Dexter was found.
    When I was in my early teens I helped a friend who’s mum looked after dogs, quite a nice business back then, to take a bunch for a walk. A boxer, going by the name of Snubby, made a dash for it with his lead trailing behind. Andrew and I searched for what seemed like hours to eventually get to a main road leading onto the bypass. A car was parked at the side of the road, the boot was open and a blanket was on the ground behind the car. I remember the feeling well as we both approached the car expecting the worst. I lifted the crumpled blanket to reveal nothing more than another blanket, the car had a puncture and the contents of the boot unloaded unceremoniously to find the jack!
    Much the same time we glanced around to discover Snubby in a nearby field running around like a kid in a sweet shop πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, a good result, chuq. The only two main roads around here are very fast, with a 70 mph limit that is habitually exceeded. Any dog venturing across them has little chance of not being badly injured.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It’s harrowing to lose a dog! Can’t imagine if it’s not even yours. I am glad she found Dexter. Kind of you and Ollie to help, Pete, though Ollie likely enjoyed the extra time outside. Can you let him off leash ever?

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