Ambulance stories (5)

Another true-life event from my time in the Ambulance Service. I think only Wilma has see this one previously, so it should be new to most of you.


The missing leg

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you can still miss something. At the time referred to in this job, I had around 15 years experience working in emergency ambulances, and my colleague that night was also no new boy, having been in the job for about 10 years. So, with 25 years service between us, you think that we could get it all right, without schoolboy errors.

That night had been busy. Weekends usually were busier, especially in Central London. We found ourselves at the Accident and Emergency Department of St. Thomas’s Hospital, just south of Westminster Bridge, opposite the Houses of Parliament. This was not one of our usual haunts, but the level of work that night had pushed us across from West London, and we had finally ended up here. As soon as we became available, we received a call . It sounded…

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14 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (5)

  1. Great post :), but as to be expected in this true story post, a very sad one 😦 I have a feeling too that the person with the severed leg must have died as well like you imply in the original post 😦 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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