Ambulance stories (39)

Another true-life incident, from my days as an EMT. This post is from 2013, and from current followers, only Eddy has seen it. It seems to just be about uniform, but read on…


The new green overalls.

Not long after the National Ambulance Strike, the London Ambulance Service decided to introduce a new style of uniform for all operational staff. Despite protests from most of us, they settled on a one-piece overall, in a lime green colour. To an outsider, this may have seemed a sensible idea, driven by practicality. To the staff who had to wear it, it just seemed cheap, demeaning, and uncomfortable. This dislike was not helped by the fact that in London, many dustcart operatives and street cleaners, wore the exact same item of clothing, sourced from the same manufacturer. It was also synthetic, making it exceptionally cold to wear in winter, and unbearably hot in the summer. The one piece design, with a full-length zip, made going to the toilet tricky; and for female staff, this also necessitated complete removal of the overall, which was very inconvenient.


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13 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (39)

    1. I did, in 2012. πŸ™‚ Not had a cigarette since.
      Though I couldn’t ever imagine not smoking, when I was doing that job. But by the time I retired, cigarettes here were almost Β£10 a pack, (Β£9.90) so close to Β£100 a week, at my rate of consumption. No longer affordable for me after I moved here, living on pensions. When I see unemployed or low wage people smoking around the local area, I genuinely wonder how they can afford it. Perhaps they don’t eat properly?
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Yucky way to discover their practicality though. They once issued us with disposable paper op theatre overalls, one piece navy blue with a white zip up the front. They had white cuffed arms and legs, and the paper puffed out so we all looked like a bunch of evil telly tubbys. Luckily they were ‘on trial’ and we all refused to carry on with them.

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