A tribute to tradesmen

Talking of decorating, I found this post from 2014. Only a few of you have seen it before. 🙂


And I should add, tradeswomen too.

I have been decorating a small room in our house. It was a relatively easy project, as I did not have to paint the windows, or gloss the door and surrounding wood. Clear the room, fill the cracks and screw-holes, sand down and wash the walls. This was followed by two coats of paint on the ceiling, then two coats of a different colour, on the walls. Some fiddly finishing touches followed. Making good the straight lines, going over tiny bits that were missed, and clearing the dust and spills from the carpet. This was not a mammoth task, and many readers could have probably completed this in a weekend, without giving it a second thought. However, I was hampered by a serious decorating liability.

I am just no good at it. Adding to that, I hate doing it, and can get absolutely no…

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22 thoughts on “A tribute to tradesmen

  1. Hello, Thank You for the Tribute!! I do dream of my client’s house and about rugs and paint colors… But Darn it, I cannot do any scientific equations and I would be doomed if I were quizzed at math equations. I can help you long distance if need be!! Just holler…Loud!!!

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  2. Painting walls is a dreadful task. We hired painters before we sold our house. On the last ‘touch up’ day, the painter got his foot tangled in the ladder and spilled an entire can of paint on himself, the floor, and overspray on the furniture and computer in my studio. The day prior the same painter was touting his professional skills — a lot. Even with the mess, I was still glad not to be painting.

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      1. He did, but he was really thrown off his game. He tried to get around telling his boss, but I was worried about long-term damage so I made sure to report it. In the end it all worked out okay – hubby had to give him clothes to wear home, but other than that it all came out in the wash.

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      1. I worked for a fellow many moons ago as his helper. He was an odd job man and taught me how to build shelves and washers on taps and things. Very useful but I really found the painting rather dull! I don’t know how he managed it.

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  3. we’re no handy-andy so we rely on tradesmen to do/fix things in our house. most in not all of them (the people we worked with anyways) take pride in what they do and they have our deep respect and admiration. great post as always, Pete! thank you 🙂

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