Ambulance stories (20)

There was mention of tattoos in a recent post, and that reminded me of this Ambulance Story, from 2012. A couple of you will remember it, but most readers have never seen it.


The expansive tattoo

People may be forgiven for believing that having tattoos is a fairly recent thing. It seems that all young people have at least one these days, and most pop stars, and famous actors, are covered in them, to different degrees. This is not the case of course; they have been around for thousands of years.

One afternoon, we were called to a local old peoples’ home, to transport an elderly lady into hospital. She was suffering with arthritis, and needed to go for x-rays, and possible admission, due to her general lack of mobility. On arrival, we were shown to her room, where we met a very friendly and chatty old lady, with an outgoing personality, and a ready wit. We were handed a doctor’s letter, and helped her from her bed, onto our ambulance trolley, making her as comfortable as possible, in the circumstances. Once in…

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21 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (20)

    1. Feel free to steal her, Roland. The poor lady is probably long dead now. That was around 1999/2000. And she called me ‘son’, even though I was 47! 🙂
      She was born in 1921, I estimate from her wartime age. So she is at least 98, if still with us.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Rather you than me on the Tube, mate. Yes, she was a lovely old lady. Totally unapologetic for her past, (as it should be) and settled nicely into a grand old age.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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