Ambulance stories (34)

Another example of ‘black humour’, from my time as an EMT. I think only Eddy has seen this one.


The Dutch Lady

When you spend a long time working for the emergency services, you develop a tendency to find unusual things funny. They can often be very serious things, not at all intentionally humourous, or amusing in any accepted sense. This can also happen at the most inappropriate times, and can appear to be callous, and uncaring. It is neither.

We were often called to the house of an elderly, and very pleasant lady. She suffered from a few ailments, the most serious of which was Angina, a heart disease caused by a narrowing of the arteries supplying the heart. This is often quite painful, and the symptoms are relatively easy to diagnose. Treatment is usually by administration of GTN spray, given under the tongue, or in a small tablet, taken in the same fashion. This can temporarily relieve the pain, but does cause a severe headache. It was…

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