More on books, and reading.

It would appear that my decision to get the Kindle Fire Tablet was a good one, at least in respect of reading books. After barely managing to read one or two books a year for over a decade, I have finished no less than fourteen books since January. Many have been reviewed on my blog too, adding an extra benefit to my revitalised reading.

After overcoming the early frustrations of reading electronically, I can now see the benefits, particularly in bed. The Tablet has a ‘shading’ feature, so I can have the light from the screen and text reduced and it is not so harsh. It is also easy to hold or to prop up on a fold of duvet. I used to mainly read in bed at one time, and now I find myself retiring early, keen to get on with my current book. Without any distractions or noise, I manage to read a lot of chapters in bed, though I have restricted myself to a two-hour maximum, in the hope of avoiding excessive screen time for my eyes.

The main thing is that after such a long break, I am reading again, and enjoying it immensely.

Once I have worked through the downloaded e-books, I might just start on the piles of hardbacks filling the shelves in the office room. πŸ™‚

48 thoughts on “More on books, and reading.

  1. Good choice, Pete. I upgraded from a ‘black & white’ screened Kindle to a Fire. In fact, I now have two – one with my UK bought books and one for the US ones. [Amazon doesn’t let you combine accounts; migrate into a new one is okay.] I alternate between paperbacks, Fire, and audio – in fact, I am on a paperback and an audio at the moment.

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    1. Thanks, Roland. So far, I haven’t spent the extra for the audio. As I am now reading quietly in bed, audio is not really an option, unless I wear headphones. πŸ™‚
      (And it also depends on the narrator)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I love reading and fortunately we have a library nearby so I can get my fill. Usually 2-3 books a week. I have never tried a tablet, but I did buy the OH a Kindle a few years ago for use when travelling.

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    1. The Tablet works well for me for bedtime reading. Subtle back-lighting is easy on the eye, and I don’t need a harsh lamp. We have a decent library in Dereham, but as most books I buy cost around 99p, it hardly seems worth the 8-mile round trip to borrow from the library. I have used it to access the Internet when I am in town, and they do have some good films to lend out. But I have seen most of them. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  3. “Yes, I still have so many β€˜real’ books unread. I doubt I will ever live long enough to read them all.”

    If I don’t get on the ball soon, I’ll never finish reading my library of “real” books either!

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  4. We offer e-books at our library. I thought when we started the program I would have many check-outs from teens, wrong, it would be adults. But I started thinking I never check out e-books unless I’m traveling, so I guess most people still want to hold the book.

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  5. It s such a nice change of pace to read a book, since it make your mind much more active in the creative process! I still read primarily “real” books, but my wife is almost exclusively tablet and loves it for the same reasons you do!

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