This almost-unseen post from 2012 explains why I often mention Statins on this blog, and also why I no longer have sufficient strength to lift so much as a paving slab. If you are prescribed Statins, make sure to have regular blood tests.


About three years ago, I had a routine blood test at my GP. He diagnosed excessively high Cholesterol, and said that I would have to immediately begin taking Statins, a drug designed to reduce the Cholesterol in my bloodstream. I read up about this drug on the Internet, and voiced my concerns to the GP, before getting the prescription. He was having none of it. If I wanted to stay in his practice, I would take the drugs he prescribed, and heed his advice, or leave, and find a new doctor.

So, I began three and a bit years of taking Simvastin, the proprietary brand of Statin. Regular blood tests were carried out at the local hospital, and I received no more information, so presumed all was well, and that the tablets were doing their job correctly. When I moved to Norfolk this year, I was readily given a repeat…

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18 thoughts on “Statins

  1. Yes, statins did a number on me in the pain department and I abjectly refuse them every time they are offered–along with aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen (and others too numerous to list in this little box even though the box keeps getting bigger as I enter more words. Warmest regards, Theo

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  2. My first statin gave me the side of effect of depression. Fortunately my doctor knew immediately to stop that one. My present one, at a very low does, works well and I have had no other side effects. I am sorry that you were one of the ones they warn about.

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  3. thanks for this post, Pete. i am taking Atorvastatin for a year now due to high cholesterol and it appears working for me as my blood test results are normal. i’m trying my best to watch my diet and a bit of exercise hoping that my next blood tests results will show a decrease in reading so i can be taken off with this pill. take care πŸ™‚

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      1. Diet is where I screwed up…I was close to pre-diabetic and that diet could stop the course….I ignored it and blam I was hit with blood sugar of 8oo….so please be careful…chuq

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