May the Best Man win

A nostalgic post from 2013, concerning my numerous outings as the Best Man at weddings. I think only Eddy has seen this one.


Being asked to be the Best Man at a wedding, is a bit like Jury Service. Some spend their whole lives without a summons, others have to appear frequently. I have been asked to be the Best Man on many occasions, (actually six) and have never had the heart to decline this honour. Every time, it was very different, yet I am very happy to have had the experiences.

The first time was long ago, as far back as 1970, when I was just 18. I had been asked by one of my best friends, and I was very pleased to be asked too; I think I would have been upset if he had asked someone else. He was marrying his childhood sweetheart, someone we had both known from school. In fact, I went out with one of her friends, and we frequently double-dated (as they say in America). Although…

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