Ollie, and Mousehold Heath

(All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)

It was warm and sunny here today, so I fancied a change of scene from the usual walk with Ollie. Despite being close to the centre of Norfolk’s largest city, Mousehold Heath in Norwich is an oasis of calm. Over 180 acres of heathland and woodland with managed paths, provide a popular area of recreation in the heart of the busy city.

Lots of new smells for Ollie to examine, and the chance of encountering some new canine pals too. He was excited to visit there, as he probably doesn’t remember the last trip, a couple of years ago.

This was an enjoyable change for both of us, and well-worth the forty-mile round trip to make the most of the unusually good weather.

58 thoughts on “Ollie, and Mousehold Heath

  1. I kept this post to savour when I was missing Norfolk and Norwich, having lived within minutes of Mousehold on Gas Hill – just across the river from the Cathedral. Wonderful photos evoking precious memories. Thank you.

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    1. Glad to supply some memories, Roland. I don’t actually know the city that well, as I tend to avoid it. Also having the dog means that I can’t go into places like the Castle. But one day I will go there on the bus, and take some photos of the Cathedral, the old walls, and the interesting side streets. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. Your football team has done well, at least. I haven’t been to a football match since 1963. But my former footballing heart remains with Tottenham Hotspur. 🙂
          I will post any photos I take in Norwich, Roland.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Dear Ollie deserves every moment of happiness you can give him and it appears that you do your best to keep him happy. That is one lucky little dog and probably the cutest dog on the planet as well. I loved the idea of your woodland trip with him. The photos are wonderful. The feeling I get from thinking about the scene is wonderful too.

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  3. Somehow I completely misread this title and thought it said Household Mouse and Ollie. Good thing I reread it. Not sure how I mangled my first read, probably because the actual town name is so unusual.
    It looks like the day was lovely. Here I am still in flannel sheets and sweaters. Have no idea what the weather is doing.

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    1. It is just a district, in the city of Norwich. Mousehold is a rather ancient name. In fact, it comes from the corruption of the Anglo-Saxon name ‘Moch-Holt’, meaning thick wood. So it is perhaps as old as 500 AD.
      It was unusually sunny today, but still cold once the sun goes down. I also still have a flannel sheet and duvet cover on the bed. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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