Unfit Magazine: Volume 3

Volume three of this great magazine is now available to order.

Featuring Orson Scott Card, Philip K. Dick, Eric Del Carlo, David R. Grigg, Nathan Susnik, Ernest Hogan and Adithi Rao. Edited by Daniel Scott White.
This magazine is about the ways in which technology-based data may be used to change our view of reality. In the future, what will we crave more, simulated reality or our own senses? Here are stories that warp our perception of the world in some very surprising ways.

-In “Ender’s Game” (the short story) by Orson Scott Card, we meet Ender Wiggins, the young trainer of a team of cadets preparing to engage an enemy in an augmented simulation.
-“Adjustment Team” by Philip K. Dick plays with the idea that there are ‘caretakers’ behind the visible world keeping us to ‘the plan’.
-“Purchasing Power” by Eric Del Carlo is about a future in which commercialization is taken to an aggressive level using augmented reality.
-“The Pink Life (La Vie En Rose)” by Nathan Susnik tells the story of technology aimed at making life look great when it is anything but that.
-“Enhancement” by David R. Grigg details a woman on vacation and an unexpected outcome in her virtual experience.
-“PeaceCon” by Ernest Hogan involves a whole cast of characters involved in manipulation of the senses for commercial purposes through the use of deceptive technology.
-“The Making of Truth: Satya” by Adithi Rao is a real look into the film-making process in Bollywood.

Published by fellow blogger and author, Daniel Scott White, Unfit Magazine is available from both Amazon.com, and Amazon UK at great value prices.
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