The Wrong Address: Part Five

This is the fifth part of a fiction serial, in 1180 words.

After Sophie’s unmistakable message last night, Steve had started to think up ways that he could get away for an evening, perhaps even stay out all night. It wasn’t as if he ever did that, but that also made it more noticeable, a break from his usual behaviour. On the plus side, Ellie didn’t know hardly anyone he worked with. He could come up with a late meeting perhaps, and then crashing at a colleague’s place. It wouldn’t matter who he said it was, as she was unlikely to be interested enough to ever bother to check out his story. Or the football was an easy excuse too, even though Ellie knew all too well that he had no interest in the sport. He would just complain that he couldn’t get out of it, and the others were pestering him to go.

He hadn’t replied to Sophie’s suggestive comments, deciding to see if she still felt the same way in the cold light of day. And as he parked in the company car park that morning, his message alert went off.

‘Darling Steve, I really hope that I wasn’t too shocking last night. When you didn’t reply, I was worried that I had gone too far, and was taking things too fast. Please tell me that you’re not upset, my sexy man. Even though I fancy you so much, and want us to meet up, I don’t want to spoil what we have between us. Lots of love, your Sophie. XXXXX’

So she still felt the same. Steve decided to keep his options open, at least for now.

‘Dear Sophie. I wasn’t upset at all. But what you suggest is a big step for me, and could cause a lot of problems with my marriage. I have to give it a lot of thought, even though I fancy you too, and think you are very sexy. Steve. xxx’

He knew that she would reply immediately, so slipped the phone into his pocket. He had to get in to work to face another busy day, and he had no time for sitting there exchanging endless emails with Sophie. But he had to admit that she was stuck in his mind, as he logged on to his computer.

At the lunch break, he wasn’t surprised to see that she had replied.

‘Oh, Steve, I do understand, I really do. I would never want to cause you any marital problems, honestly. But I don’t think you can deny that we had a real connection, and I think you might even be holding back on your emotions too. If you were happy with your wife, you would not have carried on sending me emails, or that photo. I don’t want to be pushy, and will leave you alone to think about what you really want. But I can’t help hoping that you will decide that you want me. Lots of love, your Sophie. XXXXX’

With the prospect of a fraught afternoon ahead, Steve decided to skip a reply. He didn’t want anything on his mind, as he had really serious work issues to deal with. He also had to seriously consider whether a night of fun with Sophie was worth the chance of ruining his marriage, if Ellie ever found out. After working late to meet all the deadlines, the boss came to thank everyone personally, telling them he would do his best to fight to get their tenders approved for the new project. Steve sent Ellie a text, suggesting they eat out, as he was running late. She replied that she had realised he was probably going to be late, so had arranged to meet Lee for a burger. She didn’t suggest he join them, and omitted to name the restaurant.

Back at home, he settled for eggs on toast, and a couple of beers. As it was still not even nine, and he had no idea how late Ellie would be, he opened the laptop. There were four emails from Sophie. He gave a low whistle. She had been busy.

The first was another photo, headed ‘Ready for you’. It showed a downward view of her large breasts. No bra this time, and they were supported by her left arm. Voluptuous was the word, and he had to admit that the contrast with Ellie’s comparably tiny assets was something to behold. The second email was another photo, headed ‘Lying on my back’. Her breasts again, the left arm wrapped around them, holding them close together. Once more, he had to confess to himself he was very impressed. He opened the next one, text this time.

‘Dearest sexy Steve. I thought I would show you what you are missing, and hope you approve. I am incredibly hot for you tonight, and had to stop myself taking much more explicit photos. If you get the chance, please let me know what you think about your sexy Sophie. All my love, XXXXX’

The last one was a lot longer. She was thinking hard, obviously.

‘My darling Steve, I wish you would think seriously about us meeting up. I would be very discreet, I promise. I have a car park space off the road, and nobody will ever know you have been here. I hope that you can think up an excuse to come over one Friday. Then perhaps you could stop the night, and we would wake up together on Saturday. Wouldn’t that be nice? I promise I would give you a night to remember, I really would. There is nothing I wouldn’t do with you, and I mean NOTHING. All my love, from your sexy Sophie. XXXXX’

Steve was excited of course, but still unsure. He had to keep her interested, in case he changed his mind, and even the emails were a lot of fun. If nothing came of them in time, then no harm done. He pressed ‘Reply’, and typed quickly, before he lost his nerve.

‘Wow, Sophie! Those photos are very sexy indeed, and you are certainly tempting, as well as very desirable. A Friday sounds good to me, but as I almost never go out, I am going to have to think up a good excuse. I hope that you won’t get fed up waiting, and will give me time to come up with a solid idea, so I wouldn’t have to cancel on you? I can certainly imagine that you would give me a night to remember. I have no doubt about that. Love, Steve. xxx’

He had changed to ‘Love, Steve’, but kept the three small kisses. Hopefully, she would stay interested. But making no promises also meant he wouldn’t feel bad about having to let her down, if that was how things turned out. Her reply was almost immediate, as usual.

‘Darling Steve. I will never get tired of waiting for you. You are the only one I want. Truthfully. All my love, your Sophie. XXXXX’

He smiled at her reply, and spoke out loud. “Well, that seems to have worked”.

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