49 thoughts on “Showing your age

  1. Sadly I remember all of these Pete and way beyond these times! Do they still make Toffos? I loved those especially the liquorice ones – terrible for pulling out fillings though (and possibly the cause of them too!)

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  2. I remember most of those. Why did they change Marathon to Snickers? There was a Wimpy in Dumfries but it closed a few years ago. I still have a telephone like the one in the pic but mine is black. There is something very satisfying about dialling a number – of course it’s useless if I’m calling a company which expects you to push buttons!

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    1. Yes, the ‘push-buttons’ killed my old phone. I now have a ‘walk-around digital’. But at least I still have a land-line. πŸ™‚
      I think the Marathon/Snickers change was probably to save costs by using the same wrappers. But that’s a guess.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I only recognized a couple of those items, like the View Master, which I think is still on the market. This image obviously targeted the British. However, I’ve taken online tests that reveal I recognize popular everyday items that date back to the Upper Paleolithic.

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      1. What is surprising about Top Deck Shandy is that despite being supposedly a low-alcohol drink aimed at children, it had an alcohol content of 2% proof (about 1% by volume), around one fifth the strength of beer. It would now be illegal to sell it to anyone under 18, yet in the 1960s and 1970s it could be be taken on school trips without any concerns from teachers. In actual fact there was little danger because as the standard cans contained a measly 330ml, you would need to drink around eight to consume the equivalent amount of alcohol to one bottle of beer and would probably be sick before you got there. It was still right to ban them, but because of the sugar, not the alcohol.

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    1. Yes, FR told me, and I looked up their website. They still sell the Bender Burger! πŸ™‚
      But the only one in Norfolk is in Kings Lynn, over 25 miles away. Next time I am nearby, I will check it out.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. ‘Marathon’ was what we called ‘Snickers’. The name was later changed to that, and it is still sold here.
      ‘Rumbelows’ was a retailer of electrical goods. If people couldn’t afford them outright, you could rent them for so much a week.
      Best wishes, Pete

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      1. Kinda like a “Rent-A-Center”…..the Polaroids are still a thing for some photographers, my daughter for one…..Sue just threw a bunch of VHS tapes….have no idea what was on them….but I like the DVD much better chuq

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