My Comments, and Spam. Again

Since I started replying to some comments and leaving my own on other blogs this morning, a few have failed to appear. This leads me to think that I may have cast into ‘Spam Jail’ by WordPress, for the umpteenth time.

If I would usually comment on one of your posts, but have not appeared to do so, please check your Spam folders, and ‘Un-Spam’ me.

Best wishes, Pete.

34 thoughts on “My Comments, and Spam. Again

  1. Good luck, Pete! As i read yesterday, it could depend on the content delivery network put in front of The guys from wrote about such things. Unspamming by third party is – i think – the best solution. Michael

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  2. I noticed yesterday that my comment to you had to await “moderation.” This stuff just seems to happen now and then. I suspect is it nascent AI. God help us when Artificial Intelligence is no longer only nascent. Warmest regards, Ed

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  3. I’ve been experiencing that a lot too, Pete. Then it got worse. WordPress won’t let me “like” or comment on most blogs (it’s weirdly random), but maybe I can get around that via the Reader. Yet another WordPress pain in the rear…
    Have a good week. Hugs!

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  4. It’s starting to happen to me, too, Pete. Olga found my comments in Spam and a few others have not been appearing. Even worse, my emails have started going directly to the recipients’ spam. I’ve had to set up a new email account. Your comments have been appearing on my blog okay.

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  5. Thanks, Pete. I found you and you were right! I wonder. There were some updates, but yesterday your comments came through OK. Although, as I said on my blog, there seemed to be a disruption to my blog that sorted itself out, so it’s probably nothing to do with you (Jetpack up to no good…). Thanks for your patience.

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    1. That’s always a possibility, GP. The two I noticed first are sites I always comment on though, Ron, and Olga. But they are self-hosted come to think of it, so perhaps that’s the issue this morning?
      Best wishes, Pete.

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