Some colour in the garden

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With nothing but green to look at in the garden, I was pleased to see this shrub come into flower this week. The nice pink flowers add a much-needed break, in a sea of green.

Every year, I always promise myself to add some more colourful plants, and then never seem to get around to it. I don’t know the names of most flowers, bushes, or shrubs, so I am hoping that someone (yes you, Jude) will be able to tell me what this is called.

61 thoughts on “Some colour in the garden

  1. That’s very pretty. I am not much of a gardener but Mr O likes to grow things. The garden at our new house is completely paved so Mr O has been putting things in pots… both floral and edible. We are now waiting for them to sprout.

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  2. That’s a pretty bush Pete, though I can’t help with it’s name, maybe one of the rhododendron varieties but Jude will know I’m sure! I’m not doing flowers this year, after my OTT patio display last year – took me ages to clear it all up 🙄 but I do have a lovely yellow flowering treeish bush thingy, and 2 of last years dahlias seem to be having a rebirth along with some lilies, so there’ll be a bit of colour at least!

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    1. Love the yellow treeish bush thingy! I want one of those! This is a Weigela Pete, right time of the year and they do grow quite large. I enlarged the photo to look at the leaves and flower shapes. You can prune this to shape it after flowering as the flowers bloom on old wood. I have a very small pair with darker leaves and flowers. Not sure what variety yours is as there are many different ones 🙂

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      1. Hi Judy, I am linking to a pic of my yeellow flower treeish bush thingy, we call it the Yoyo plant, aas we bought it to plant over the body of our cat Yoyo, (after he died!). If you know what it is that’d be fab! (Sorry Pete- hi-jack in progress 😀 )

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          1. This is stumping me. The flower looks like Evening Primrose or even a Hypericum, but the leaves are more like a tree mallow. Something nudging my brain that this is a coastal plant, the leaves look very tough. Is that the flower in full bloom?

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                  1. Google images for plants is very hit and miss as people wrongly ID them! But a good start – I think I have tracked it down using ‘yellow flowers and lobed leaves’ (as suspected part of the mallow family.)

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  3. Nothing but green touched with a little browning of grassn here Pete. We’ve had 15 days now of temps over 90 degrees. Rainy season starts in about two weeks. Besties from hot humid Florida.

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  4. Spring here has lapsed into an early heat wave. Most of our blooms have passed with the exception of a few protected from the heat. Lovely to see your garden, Pete.

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