Recommended Blogs: Real Lives

Every so often, I like to recommend other blogs, in the hope of expanding our community. Many of the blogs I follow are about niche subjects like films, literature, photography, or politics. But I also follow some blogs where nice people just write about their everyday lives. Their hopes and dreams, their families, and what surrounds them. They sometimes express their fears, share their worries, or just post a photo of something nice, maybe a place they have visited.

So I am going to recommend a few like that. A different look on life from another part of the world, or a few hours up the road from Beetley.
We can all learn from each other, and make genuine contact using something as simple as a blog post.

But the biggest lesson we can learn is that although we may live oceans apart, and lead very different lives, we are all essentially the same inside.
Maggie is American, and lives in one of those hot and humid Southern states. She is writing a 365/one post a day blog. Family, life experiences, nature, and recollections.
Real stuff, from a genuine lady. Please encourage her to keep going after that year is up.
Wilma is originally from the Philippines, and has settled near Chicago, USA.
Her blog is about her work, her daily life, and her cherished family. Some travel, a love of the nature surrounding her, and the peaceful Mallard Lake.
Sometimes, such pleasant things are all you need to make a great blog.
Trips out with his kids, life in central England, poetry, musings, and short stories.
Policeman Rich Lakin has it all going on, and the nostalgia is great too.
Retired teacher Elizabeth lives in the US. Her blog is packed with fascinating recollections, interesting memories, and some great writing too.
She also tells us about her life now, her trips to places, and her take on the modern world.
From a picturesque part of Scotland, Mary documents her trips with photos, writes about her family, and shares interesting memories of her working life in far-flung foreign lands.

There you have five blogs to check out, and hopefully find someone new to read or follow.

If you would like to suggest any blogs you admire, please leave a link in the comments.

40 thoughts on “Recommended Blogs: Real Lives

    1. Thanks, Mathew. I just left a comment on your contact me form.
      It has taken seven years, and much dedication, to build the community. I have the free time to keep at it, but not everyone has that luxury.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. I can’t thank you enough. I appreciate the chance to connect with other writers around the world. Since I rely totally on word of mouth(or word of post) I am glad that you put my name out there.

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  2. Pete, I became quite emotional reading this. I have such respect for you and knowing you read my blog and comment has been a bit of an honor in and of itself. I am touched by your kindness. Thank you.

    The best always, Pete.

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