One day in the sun

Saturday was very warm in Norfolk. The sun was out, but it wasn’t what you would call a ‘nice day’. Humid, often cloudy, and pushing 26 C (78 F) at times, it was what some people might describe as ‘uncomfortable’.

I was out with Ollie of course, for just over two hours. He must have been feeling the heat, as he made at least five trips into the river, including a venture into deep water that made him have to swim.

The heat brought out squirrels in abundance, so Ollie was kept busy chasing them too.

I was happy enough. It wasn’t raining, always a plus. I was dressed suitably, enjoying my shorts, and the occasional breeze around my legs. I carried on with my dog walk as usual, though it was obvious that Ollie was not so keen, given the rather oppressive heat. Accordingly, I spent a lot of time standing around while Ollie cooled off in the river, including investigating a juvenile swan.

The evening was also warm, something I welcomed. The temperature was pleasant, well up to the time it got dark, and beyond that too. Unlike life in big cities, Beetley evening warmth is to be enjoyed.

I spent some time cutting the grass, and clearing up afterwards. That made me decidedly warm, and a second bath was required before dinner.

Once I had eaten, I felt relaxed, in what I think of as the ‘Mediterranean’ way. Evening felt like daytime, and I lamented the absence of pavement cafes and Tapas Bars in Beetley. An evening stroll or ‘promenade’ would have been most welcome. But here, it would ultimately be pointless, sadly. Unless I wanted to navigate a few residential streets in the late evening sunshine.

Perhaps I should have retired to Spain?

44 thoughts on “One day in the sun

  1. It was really warm in Chelmsford too. I briefly enjoyed it but I don’t love heat and then it made me grumpy but Little O absolutely loves being outdoor. My ideal temperature is probably about 22 degrees. It’s a good thing I didn’t stay in South Africa. Although Johannesburg is pleasant even in the higher 20s because it is bone dry so no sticky humidity, which is what ruins things.

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  2. Oh yes, Spain, Italy, Sicily or Greece. All welcome, because here in the whole region is not Tapas bar too. 😉 Away from discount markets day over you only can get something to drink at railway stations. OK, its not so sad, as i write. But its sad enough. Think sometimes i will really retire to the south of Europe. Michael

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  3. Lovely post, Pete. I think the heat in Spain would eventually bother you, and you would be yearning for the tranquility of Beetley after spending some evening at cafes. But, the occasional change would be nice. Best to you, Pete.

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  4. Too hot and humid for me yesterday, Pete, but a little better today and I had a ride in a Healey 3000….wind in the hair and fantastic growl from that engine!

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  5. Pete, I’ve mentioned that my wife and I enjoy the show “Escape To The Continent”, which Netflix is showing here in the US…we love to see the terrific values in some of the more obscure parts of France, Spain and Portugal…lots of great living as you describe for the fraction of what it costs here!

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    1. No, it would be very hot in high summer, too hot for me. Which is why I am in Beetley. But I would still like to sample that evening street life, once it had cooled down of course. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. Sounds like a pleasant day even without the evening stroll to a Tapas Bar. There are no outdoor cafes within walking distance from my place either but we make up for it with the scenery. Maybe that’s what vacations are for? Happy Sunday!☺

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  7. Today, it will be relatively cool for early June: 91° F / 33° C. By Wednesday, we’ll hit a high of 101° F / 38° C. Actually, even that is relatively cool for early June!

    But, of course, some travelers are alienated by these temperatures because they’re not used to the climate here. Overheard, somewhere in the Mojave Desert:
    Frost: It’s hot as hell in here.
    Hudson: Yeah, man. But it’s a dry heat!

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  8. Sounds like a very pleasant day, Pete. We went up to a higher elevation yesterday and I found myself thinking perhaps we should have retired where it is cooler. But, then there is so much more snow in the winter months…

    I have never been to Spain, but I found Portugal one of the most beautiful places! Of course, Beetley looks beautiful to me as well.

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    1. In truth, both Spain and Portugal would be too hot for me during high summer. But I do enjoy that evening ‘street life’ that they do so well in such countries. 🙂
      Beetley certainly has its attractions. Peaceful, green, and a lot of history. But it does rain a lot!
      Best wishes, Pete.


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