Some films set At Sea

Another film post, from 2013. I don’t think many of you have ever seen this one.


Perhaps it is because we are an island race, or have a history of seafaring trade, that we have long been fascinated by tales of the sea. Pirates, Buccaneers, and brave sailors of the World’s Navies, have all featured in literature, films, and TV programmes. I cannot swim, and get seasick going across The Channel, but I love films set on the seven seas. And here a few, for you to consider.

A Night to Remember. Long before James Cameron’s fictional account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1997, other films had tried to portray this maritime disaster. Prior to Cameron’s woeful effort, there had been at least ten films made about it, the first one less than one month after the actual sinking, in 1912. This British film, from 1958, is by far the best, and outshines all before, or after. Kenneth More takes the lead…

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26 thoughts on “Some films set At Sea

  1. Excellent selection, Pete. A Night to Remember is the best Titanic movie on many levels. Dead Calm was a memorable film, while Das Boot has to be one of the best WWII films/TV series ever made. [My no.1 WWII and top overall has to be ‘A Matter of Life and Death.] Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World stirred this ageing schoolboy raised on Hornblower, while my ‘shark’ watching has missed the one you included,

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    1. I can recommend that ‘shark’ film for authenticity, Roland, and that despite its TV movie feel.
      Das Boot is legendary now, and I never tire of the best submarine film ever made.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. James Cameron’s film is superb – the quayside scenes at the beginning and so on – so long as you switch it off after the line “Where’s Sven?” (or certainly at least once Kate Winslett appears). On a similar vein, Jurassic Park up to the end of the music as the helicopter approaches the island; Murder on the Orient Express with the music as the train leaves the station; the scenes in Nairobi at the beginning of Out of Africa … perhaps I need a compilation of film beginnings – that would be wonderful.

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    1. I really hated Cameron’s film. I can’t even bear to watch the opening credits!
      I like your suggestions, David. Though hearing Meryl say “I hedd a ferme in Aafrikkaa” is a must for me. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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