Ambulance stories (30)

I was thinking about this young man today, for some reason. I think only Eddy has ever seen this post. A sad story from my days as an EMT.


Explosion in Notting Hill

There was a young man who had come from Wiltshire, about 100 miles West of London, to work on a job, converting a former workshop into a fancy new mews house. He was in his early 20’s, lived at home with his parents, and was saving up money, so he and his girlfriend could get engaged. He didn’t really want to be away from home, staying in a depressing bed and breakfast hotel, in a seedy part of London, a city he hardly knew; but he needed the work, and wanted to earn enough to fulfil his dreams.

The job was hard work, labouring to clear an old industrial premises, and prepare the way for more skilled tradesmen to plaster walls, and add all the luxuries of modern living. The site manager obviously wanted this work done quickly, and had possibly cut corners in his surveying…

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15 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (30)

    1. It was in 1991, I think. 1992 at the latest. I doubt any advances in burns care would have saved him, as he had inhaled flames and hot smoke that had burned away the pleura, eventually making it impossible for him to breathe.

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    1. I presume the out of town firm got the job ‘on the cheap’, Sue. We never got to find out about the aftermath of such events, but I hope that his family was able to take legal action at some stage. No doubt the Health and Safety Executive would have been involved, as well as the Fire Brigade Investigators. We were surprised that there was no Coroner’s Court appearance for us at the time though.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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