47 thoughts on “More about Maps

  1. I used to love teaching about maps. The students were always so unaware of different types and why most were wrong. It was an enjoyable unit. I was sad when they removed it from the curriculum. They also removed it from social studies. So types of maps are no longer taught in middle school. So much for cartography.
    I was still able to teach topography using chocolate chip cookies. Teaching Earth Science was very fun.

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      1. Thank you for the link. It was a very good read. I probably have an opinion a little different from most. As the world is in such constant change and the plethora of information is so abundant, it is my opinion that everyone should have a basic knowledge. Adding to that I think everyone should know how and where to find useful information. Knowing how to read a map is a critical skill in my mind. Phones don’t always work. The internet is not always correct. GPS isn’t always updated. The analogy I used with my students was that I need a basic knowledge of what goes in a cake to try to follow a recipe. Otherwise I might add a cup of salt and a pinch of sugar.

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  2. I have always been fascinated by maps. One of my favorite as a kid was word usage displayed over a map of the U.S. before there was such a common dialect. Maps have helped me understand migration when showing rivers, canals, rail lines and the like. Thanks for this video. I never knew Monaco was so very tiny.

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  3. Watching this video led to watching two others. One was an animated map depicting the spread of various religions, and the other was an animated map depicting the effect the melting of the world’s ice would have on our coastlines. I stopped there, but I could have continued… I’ve been fascinated with maps since early childhood. Long before I was old enough to go to school, I discovered a globe in my aunt’s house, and somehow understood that it represented the earth. Today, I spend a lot of time exploring maps online. I always prefer the satellite 3D option.

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    1. If it weren’t for Hoover Dam, I think the Las Vegas Valley would have a very tiny population. That tiny population would owe its existence to a handful of natural springs in the area. The point is that inhabitable land can be made habitable by means of human intervention. And, of course, the Dutch have reclaimed land from the sea. In the future, there will be cities afloat in our oceans.

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  4. My partner’s very interested in maps; I never before thought about how map projections can have political bias. He favours the Peter’s projection model. I still like looking at old OS maps too

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