Old Photos: Pete through the ages

I found some very old photo albums today. Unfortunately, they were of the ‘sticky’ pages type, so it took some careful peeling to get the photos off the backing. I then took digital photos of the prints.

(All the photos can be enlarged, by clicking on them)

My baby photo. 1952

A blurry shot of me as a toddler, in my grandparent’s back yard. 1954.
Spot the almost-white curly hair!

Suited up at a family wedding, aged fifteen. 1967.

With my first wife, Sally. We were both twenty-seven. 1979.

I will be doing more posts of old photos, as and when I discover them.

65 thoughts on “Old Photos: Pete through the ages

    1. It was hard for the prints to survive, being passed around to various family members. And most of the negatives are long gone, sadly. But I have an old case full of them in the loft, so will be posting more like these at some stage. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I am not sure if I am smoking, but I did smoke at the time, as did my wife, so it is very possible. I didn’t give up cigarettes until after I retired, aged 60.
      My hairline began to recede when I was around 18, I reckon. That said, I was luckier than every other adult male in my family, as they were all bald by the time they were 25. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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