Ambulance stories (11)

Another old EMT post, from 2012. Hardly anyone has seen this one, and it is not as gory as some of the others. 🙂


One under

As anyone who commutes around the London Underground Railway network will tell you, delays caused by someone jumping under a train, are commonplace events. In London, this network is commonly called the Tube, not the Subway, which for the edification of American readers, is a passage underneath a busy road junction. I say jumping under a train, because people rarely fall under them, though they are sometimes pushed, or hit by trains as they attempt to cross tracks.

To simplify this for the various Emergency Services, this type of call is given out as a ‘One Under’. After all, for our purposes, it is irrelevant how they got there in the first place. During one particular rush-hour morning, we received such a call, to a busy Central London Tube Station. The prospect of attending these calls requires a lot of preparation prior to descending into the depths, where…

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18 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (11)

  1. Yikes!!! Yikes for her, yikes for you – just YIKES!! What a mentally and physically challenging job and the rest of just go on through our day so unaware of what goes on in these accident scenes.

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    1. The engineering staff were very good, chuq. They had a special ‘heavy rescue team’, as such incidents were so common. But it was still an experience I would rather not have had.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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