Ambulance stories (12)

On a cold and wet June, I was thinking about hot summers of the past. I think only Eddy has seen this one before. Another EMT job I wish I could forget…


The Tramp’s leg

If someone dies in a public place, it is the responsibility of the Ambulance Service to remove the body. That is unless there are signs of foul play, crime of any kind, or a suicide note. In these cases, it becomes the job of the Police, and the Coroner. To some extent, this becomes a kind of game, between the LAS crews, and the Police in attendance. Both sides want to absolve themselves of responsibility for this onerous task, with the attendant unpleasantness, and necessary paperwork. Please bear this in mind, when contemplating this next tale.

The area between Paddington, and Notting Hill Gate, was not always one of gentrification, and desirable properties. Many of the once former residences of quality, had been long ago converted into multiple-occupancy dwellings, of small flats and studio apartments. The basement areas housed small cupboards, tunneled into the pavements beyond, that …

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16 thoughts on “Ambulance stories (12)

    1. In retrospect, I wish I had shown him more consideration, Wilma. But I think I was quite hard at that time, worn out by the job, and the relentless misery of some days. Thinking about it now, he deserved my respect, and all I could think about was not having to complete the unpleasant task of moving his body.
      But it’s best to be honest, even all these years later.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I know what you mean. A very sad and lonely death, and then being argued over by an ambulance crew and policemen. I admit that sometimes I didn’t consider the ‘humanity’. I was worn down by the work, becoming harder, and more cynical.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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