Counting my blessings

I have been writing (read moaning) a lot about the weather recently. The wettest June on record in the UK, and almost three weeks of non-stop rain. There is more forecast for later today, with the chance of thunderstorms and hailstorms tomorrow too. The weather forecaster warned of more ‘significant rainfall’ in the week to come. But despite being fed up to the point of depression with the dark skies, wet walks with Ollie, and a water intrusion into an outbuilding, I have to take some comfort that it is not as bad as this.

Less than a two-hour drive from here.

The Army needed, to try to fight the overflowing rivers.

People being evacuated from flooded houses.

Cherished homes full of water.

Impassable roads and flooded cars ruined.

Watching such images on the news makes me realise that I am lucky by comparison. And I can only sympathise with the poor people who are forced to live in temporary emergency accommodation, then have to return to water-damaged houses. And they are unable to drive anywhere, even if their car has managed to escape the water.

I’m still fed up of course, but I am counting my blessings that I don’t live in those places.

64 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

  1. I’ve lived in Florida for years and have gone through many hurricanes and as a result, flooding. I’m so sorry you dealt with this. I hope things have improved. It’s so important to count our blessings. I’ve seen so many people lose all of their belongings in one night but they were thankful to still have their lives and families intact. 1 Timothy 6:7,8 says, “For we have brought nothing into the world, and neither can we carry anything out. So, having food and clothing, we will be content with these things.” I try to keep this in mind. Prayers to you and your family.

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    1. Yes it must. It’s bad enough with the couple of inches of water in the shed. I have two freezers and a tumble drier out there, and have had to bundle up old blankets to stop the water getting under them and blowing the electrics.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Sympathy and empathy for you and, especially, those two hours from you who are struggling so mightily. Nashville had a disastrous flood in 2010. There were deaths. There is famous footage of a house floating down Interstate 24, one of three Interstates that run through Nashville. Hundreds of millions of dollars were needed for our recovery, but we did recover. And so will you, in time. I never doubt the British resolve.

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  3. I am glad you were spared such an event and still my heart breaks for those who must try to pick up the pieces to their lives. My mother-in-law’s home was flooded 5 times and she lost most of her lifelong possessions. It is a hard thing to recover from. There was a good bit of flooding north of us with this last round of rain and like you, we were thankful but saddened for those not so fortunate.

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    1. As I am still struggling to clear up the water from our outside shed, I can only imagine how devastated the people must feel, when their entire houses are ruined by water. A good reason not to live too close to a river, I reckon.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Great point – parts of the US, including Mississippi, Iowa and other midwestern states are heavily flooded right now…yet whenever we discuss “climate change” it turns political, so no big ideas to deal with changes in the weather are undertaken…sad

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  4. When I see pictures like these, over there or quite frequently here in the US [just now the Midwest is being flooded] I agree with you: I feel for and sympathize with the people affected but also count myself lucky that we (usually) are not affected by such flooding here.

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  5. That’s so horrible 😦 Meanwhile – in my section of Canada – we’re on the edge of a record drought and am under strict water restrictions. If you guys could share ???

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