The return of my senses

A post from my early days as a blogger. Only one person has ever read it, I believe.


Since giving up work, and retiring to Norfolk, I have noticed something quite strange. This was almost immediate, and happened without warning. My hearing returned. Not that I was deaf, you understand, just unaware how much auditory capacity I had previously lost.

Over ten years of working in Police Control Rooms had meant that I had to wear a headset for 12 hours a day. This was a dual-purpose item, used for radio transmissions, and answering telephone calls too. It was never turned off, so even if other operators were talking, you always heard everything that went on. Meanwhile, you could hear all the talking and shouting across the room, and the noise of the telephone ring signal in your ear, despite whatever else you may have been doing. Other than the occasional headache, I was not really aware of any damage that this may have been doing to my…

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12 thoughts on “The return of my senses

  1. Speaking of returns, “The Return of Martin Guerre” (1982) returns to the movie theater on July 6th. I’ve seen the original French film, and have also read the book (in French) based on the film, which is itself based on a case of imposture in 16th century France.

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  2. Pete, this was written in 2012, so how are those senses these days? I have noticed a decline in hearing which I attribute to my age. I will go soon and have my hearing tested. I would rather wear a hearing aid than miss the nuances of conversation. Most everyone I know that quit smoking said their sense of taste was what was most remarkable when it recovered. Did you notice that?

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    1. In seven years, my hearing hasn’t changed that much. The TV usually operates on number 18 now, (out of 30) but much of that has to do with the way TV shows are made and broadcast. Many programmes and films are hardly audible when people are in conversation, then far too loud when a gun goes off, or a door slams.
      My sight has deteriorated because of cataracts, but that is manageable with distance and reading glasses. I didn’t really notice too much change in taste, except that everything sweet began to taste ‘too sweet’. My sense of smell was the main thing I noticed, and that hasn’t changed. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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