Connect For Love: Part Five

This is the fifth part of a fiction serial, in 1030 words.

Mum was nagging him, as he quickly ate the rather dried-out meal. “I don’t know what’s up with you these days, Kevin, I really don’t. You have been sitting in your room all night, and there are dark circles under your eyes. Are you feeling alright, love? Is something wrong at work? You can talk to me and your Dad you know”. He glanced over from the table, to where his Dad was watching the semi-finals of the World Snooker on TV. It was likely that Dad wouldn’t ever know whether anything was happening with his family, but he was harmless, and kind.

“It’s nothing, Mum. Just some things I have been doing on the computer. You know, games and stuff”. He wasn’t about to say anything about Alice. Mum would start on about him not getting ‘caught by a girl’. She had already said enough about Darren and chubby Sandra. As she cleared away his plate, she shook her head. “I don’t know, you young people and those games. Don’t go staying up so late now”. By the time she was standing at the kitchen sink, Kevin was back up on his bed, refreshing the screen on the laptop.

Dear Kevin,
I have no doubt it would be very nice to see your home, to meet your family, and Wilbur and Blackie too. But I couldn’t possibly let you send me money to do that. I am sorry that I mentioned money now, as you might think that’s why I contacted you. I have enough to get by, but it is not something I want to discuss on these messages. It would be appropriate to meet you soon, I agree. You do seem to be very kind, and your offer of seeing your home situation has definitely increased my estimation of you. Though I worry that your parents might think I am such a tiny and sickly thing, and would have wanted you to find someone stronger, and more confident.
Perhaps we can work out how that might happen, dear Kevin?
Affectionately, Alice. x

Kevin had an idea, and replied immediately.

Dear Alice, perhaps I could come and collect you? That way I wouldn’t have to send any money. I could bring you back here on the train, and you could stay in our spare room. No funny stuff, I promise. Mum and Dad would be around anyway, so nothing like that would ever happen here. I don’t care what sort of woman they want me to end up with, as I like you, so that’s all that matters. Besides, Mum never really talks about me having a girlfriend, so I don’t think she has any thoughts on the subject. You wouldn’t have to stay longer than one night of course, and maybe you could get someone to feed Cleopatra, or leave her out enough food. I’m sure that once you meet me, you will see that I am nice, and just what I claim to be.
Love, Kevin. x

He had signed off with ‘Love, Kevin’. Not too much, he hoped. The reply was a long time coming, so he went and had a bath. Sitting in the hot water, he imagined Alice at the dinner table. Mum fussing around her, Dad not allowed to slump in front of the TV. He was sure they would like her too. Why wouldn’t they?

Her reply was a mixed message, disappointing, yet exciting too.

Dear Kevin,
Oh that does sound like a nice idea. Maybe one day when I feel well enough, that is exactly what we could do. I could leave Cleopatra enough food for one night, as I don’t trust anyone around here to come in and feed her. I can’t imagine ever giving anyone a key, as I keep away from the neighbours, and live a very quiet life.
I am already sure that you are genuine, and a nice man. Perhaps you can send me another photo? It would be nice to have some other images of you to look at.
I hope that you won’t get tired of me, while you are waiting to meet up. That seems to be something that happens on these sites. If you have patience, I think you will be pleased with me, and happy that you waited. I am a very loyal person, and not at all fickle, I assure you.
Love from me, back to you. Alice. x

He was disappointed that she was putting off meeting up until she was well enough. She gave no indication of when that might be, and the thing with her cat was going to be an issue, he could tell. But the last half of her message had his heart pumping. She was loyal, and she had sent her love to him. Good enough for now. He typed quickly, wanting his message to come from the heart.

Dear Alice, I will have patience. I don’t want anyone else, I really don’t. You seem to me like a woman worth waiting for, and I am prepared to wait for as long as it takes. That’s not the sort of person I am. I am already pleased with you, just from the way you write to me, and looking at your photos. I will get someone to take a proper photo of me, and send it to you soon. I think a lot of you, Alice. I think you are lovely, and all that I want. I will be here for as long as you want me to, and will not get tired of waiting until you feel ready to meet up. Love, Kevin. xx

He had added that extra kiss. Why not? Best to be up front about his feelings for her. It was time to get ready for bed, another busy day to face tomorrow.
One last check on the site, before putting out the light.

Dear Kevin,
You are such a sweet man. I believe that you are someone I could fall in love with.
Love from me, to you. Alice. xx’

He almost dropped the laptop. There was no chance he would sleep tonight.

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        1. Sometimes my stories have an element of predictability, due to my propensity to add a ‘twist’. I also include ‘clues’ in some of them. This time, I am hoping that nobody will guess the ending. 🙂
          Best wishes,

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