Connect For Love: Part Seven

This is the seventh part of a fiction serial, in 972 words.

Surprised but very pleased by his Dad’s intervention, Kevin rushed upstairs to send Alice a happy message.

Dear Alice, I have just spoken to Mum and Dad, and they will be delighted for you to stay here. They are looking forward to meeting you, and I am too, of course. I had an idea that I could buy you a coach ticket online, and you could collect it from your nearest coach station. You would only have to take some ID along. All it would take is for you to send me your surname, and where you wanted to collect the ticket. I will meet you at the coach station at this end, naturally. I hope that we can do this soon, at least as soon as you are feeling well enough.
Love to my little Alice, Kevin. xx

Alice had to admit that this one was really trying hard. He had told his parents, as promised, and even come up with a plan for her to be able to travel without asking for her home address, or any other details except her surname. Perhaps he was genuine, after all? Time would tell. She decided to put him out of his misery, imagining him staring at a computer screen, desperate for her reply.

My dear Kevin,
Well you do work fast! I am very happy to hear that your parents are prepared to welcome me to their home. I also like your idea of being able to collect a ticket at my local coach station, on the day I travel. Perhaps we could make it next Saturday? I hope that’s not too soon for you, but I am sure I will be well enough to travel by then. And it would be good to make use of the current decent weather, before it changes. We could take Wilbur out for a walk, somewhere nice. What do you think?
Love from your little Alice. xx

Kevin was beside himself. Next Saturday! Only a few days to wait. He had to calm down, before he started typing.

Dear Alice, yes Saturday would be perfect. I know a nice place near a lake where we can take Wilbur, and we could get to know each other before coming back for dinner with my parents. I will get onto the coach company website now, and sort out times. I just need your place of travel, and surname. Oh Alice, I am so excited, and I really do love you. Kevin. xx

The reply was rather short. Kevin had been hoping for more.

Dear Kevin,
Alice Millward
Gloucester Coach Station.
Love, Alice. xx

So it was Gloucester. That was indeed almost a couple of hundred miles away. And it wasn’t a direct journey either. She might need to change coaches in London, and it was going to take hours. The website took ages to load, and was very frustrating. As he suspected, Alice would have to travel to London first, which took over three hours. Then another coach from there to his town, which was at least another two hours. He could buy just one ticket for the whole journey though, and if she was happy to get the 7:05 early coach, she would be there at close to 1:30 in the afternoon. He made the booking in her name, and received a confirmation email almost immediately. Then he went back on Connect For Love, and sent Alice a message.

Dear little Alice, I have made the booking for next Saturday. The ticket confirmation has been sent by email. I will forward that to you if you send me a personal email address. You don’t have to print it out, as you can just show the drivers the ticket and bar-code on your phone. You need to change at the coach station in central London. All the details are on the email. I hope you don’t mind taking such an early coach? The one I have booked is just after seven in the morning. It is such a long way, that it won’t leave you a lot of time otherwise. I will get your ticket at the coach station here, for your return trip on Sunday. Once you decide what time you want to leave. I am so pleased you have agreed to visit, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.
All my love, Kevin. xx

Alice was annoyed with herself. It was so unlike her, but she had not thought fast enough, and had stupidly sent Kevin her real surname. And now he wanted a working contact email address too. Oh well, it was too late now. She would send him one that was never used anymore.

Dear Kevin,
Thank you so much for getting me the ticket. I don’t mind getting up early at all, as I can always sleep for a while on the coach. You can send me the details to the following email.
Love from your little Alice. xx

Kevin was really happy now. Not only was she coming to stay, he knew her surname, and had a contact email address too. Perhaps she would give him her address and phone number, once they finally met up. He opened a new email, and attached the ticket document. In the title line, he wrote, ‘Your ticket, as promised’. Then he thought to add a very long email, telling her how sincere he was in his affections, but decided to leave that for the dating site. After all, she had to show the email to the coach drivers. So he just wrote, ‘Love Kevin. xx’ after the attachment box. He pressed to send it , and smiled as he got the ‘Message sent successfully’ confirmation.

Time to start making plans for next weekend.

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