Never Forgotten

Today would have been my Mum’s 95th birthday. The photo below shows her at her 70th, twenty-five years ago.

She died in March 2012, aged 87.

It was a hard and painful death, and very uncomfortable to watch, I assure you.

But then she had endured a hard life, with her teenage years spent during WW2 in London. Then in 1947, she married my Dad, and he didn’t give her a very easy time. She worked for most of her life, from the age of 14, until she was 75. She had a work ethic, and didn’t like to feel like she was being lazy. Despite my Dad’s numerous affairs, she stuck by him. Then when he finally left her for another woman, in 1976, she stuck by me.

After he was gone, she never once went out with another man, despite being the relatively young age of 52 at the time. She devoted her life to her family, her numerous pets, and to me. She worked hard at trying to run her own business, twice. When that failed, she got work as a housekeeper for rich people in the countryside. After that, she worked as a domestic cleaner, and did ironing too, right up until she reached the age of 75, and illnesses stopped her working.

She was a devoted Mum, aunt, sister, cousin, and friend too. When she died, not only family grieved her loss, but the community she lived in as well.

An accomplished baker, knitter, and talented on the sewing machine, there was very little that she didn’t turn her hand to, in a life lived to the full. She was political too, as a long-term member of the Labour Party, and a committed Socialist. And even at the age of 70, as shown in the photo, she cared about her appearance, and still held down three part-time jobs.

She was everything anyone could have asked for in a Mum. And in an aunt, sister, or cousin.

And she will never be forgotten, I promise you that.

Violet Anne Johnson. (nee Pallen) 1924-2012. Rest in peace, my beloved Mum.

77 thoughts on “Never Forgotten

    1. Thanks, Abbi. She became a great friend to me in later life, as well as a devoted Mum. I like to remember her on this blog, as well as my own thoughts of her every day too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. A lovely tribute to a very special woman in your life Pete. They bred them tough in those days. I think now many people expect everything handed to them on a plate and instant gratification instead of working for things. No wonder society is full of stressed people – so many with large debts and houses full of the latest gadgets!

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    1. She never even owned a credit card, Jude. And despite living on just the state pension, she saved more money than I ever managed to. Self-discipline, and realistic expectations. She was happiest with a cat on her lap, and a dog lying by the side of her chair. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Thanks very much, Kim. Mum’s birthday was always a special day. She loved to get a very large card, with lots of pages. She would sit and read them all, as if I had written the verses inside. Before she died, she showed me that she had kept every card I ever sent her. She said she wanted them burned with her, in her coffin. But that wasn’t ‘allowed’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Beautiful words for your beautiful mum. Our mums had a way of making the difficult times seem effortless, didn’t they? I am sure she would be pleased seeing you acknowledge she was so much more than the trials she faced. You were blessed with a special lady as a mother and she was blessed with a special lad for a son. Thank you for sharing such sweet memories, Pete.

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  3. A lovely remembrance post, Pete. She sounds like a great woman, and she reminds me of my mum mine (she’s still working, although she thinks she is taking it easy, and she can turn her hand at anything. And she’s always been stylish. I don’t take after her). Thanks for sharing, Pete. I’ll be thinking of you both today.

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  4. A lovely tribute, Pete. Your mum and mine were born in the same year, although mine died in March 2017, and by then she had been on her own for 40 years. I think women born in that era had a much harder life than their daughters and granddaughters, although they were probably physically stronger. My mum could beat me at arm wrestling right up until the age of about 85! Yes, we miss our mums, but we have some good memories.

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  5. From wherever such people like that reside in the corners of heaven.. she’s knows how you feel, old chum, and I’m sure she’s proud of the boy she raised. A nice reflection to pass on to the rest of us to make us appreciate our own mums who have passed on. She was a charming lady in many ways. Thanks for sharing.

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