A Serial Error? Fiction serial overview

My most recent fiction serial ‘Connect For Love’, has now ended. As is my habit, I am taking an overview of the views and reactions to it. I always do this, in the hope of improving my writing, and producing better fiction in the future, especially where serials are concerned.

I kept this one short, only ten parts. Some of my serials have run to almost thirty parts, and that means a great deal of investment from the readers. On this occasion, each of those ten parts received around sixty views or more. As is to be expected, comments were less than views, and generally from the same people each day.

After publishing the final part, it was soon apparent that most readers were actually disappointed with the ending, the one I always had in mind. To those of you who felt this serial didn’t work, I can only apologise, and thank you for reading it all. And for the few of you that really enjoyed that conclusion, many thanks too. The constructive criticism I received in some comments was taken on board, and also very much appreciated.
It’s no big deal. At the end of the day, it’s just a story on a blog. 🙂

I will soon be publishing all ten parts as one post, probably over the weekend. This is for the benefit of the readers who prefer to read the whole thing as one long story.

So once again, I would like to thank everyone who stayed with it for every episode, shared links on other platforms, or promoted it on Twitter, and on their own blogs.

Best wishes to you all, Pete.

32 thoughts on “A Serial Error? Fiction serial overview

  1. I admire your ability to come up with these stories and make sure each day’s post ends with something intriguing. That was certainly the case with this one; I had a number of theories about Alice (that she was in jail, in an asylum, part of a gang, a serial killer, etc.) You certainly kept me guessing and keen to read the next bit.

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    1. Thanks, Audrey. It’s interesting that you thought of the asylum, as that was one of my original ideas for her location. I should have stayed with that perhaps, instead of deciding to make her a ghost.
      Thanks for staying with the serial, and I am glad you like the way each episode ends.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. How many episodes was it, Audrey?
          I suppose my serials take around 90-120 minutes a day to write and edit. I always write the next episode the day before. I am also lucky in that I have two followers who email me with notifications of some errors I might have made.
          In my last serial, I confused Sunday and Saturday, with events happening on the wrong day. Just after publishing that episode, someone emailed me to let me know. I was able to change the mistake before anyone else read it. 🙂
          Best wishes, Pete.

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          1. Mine was 7 episodes of 900-1000 words each. I wrote the whole thing and polished it up before posting the first part. That took 2 or 3 weeks. I wouldn’t dare post before I finished the story, in case I dried up or hit a plot bump of some sort. You’ve obviously got talent for this format!

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  2. Hey Pete! I think I should have written this first and foremost in my previous comment: I loved the story. What I had suggested was a different kind of ending. That too was because I would have done that! I would prefer not to become a ghost before I take out such guys.

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    1. I will await your next serial the way I waited for this one. Infact now that I know you have written more serials, I will read them up too 🙂
      I love the concept of your serial stories since I do not get enough time for a long reading. So thanks for writing and please continue writing such great stuff!

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    2. Thanks, Shaily. It’s not an issue. I always enjoy going over the serials, and the comments. All of them are welcome. 🙂
      I am very aware that people spend a lot of time reading these serials, so I like to show respect for that attention.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. First, congrats for having the courage to have your story openly critiqued. I doubt that many of us would be bold enough to do so. I think this is the third serial of yours that I’ve read. One of the things you do exceptionally well is to end each chapter at a moment of tension. I know that this makes me want to pick it up the next day. As far as this particular piece, the one part that was hard for me to believe (granted, it’s hard to create the desired effect in a short series) was how quickly Kevin fell in love with Alice. Yes, head over heels in love can happen, but I didn’t buy that he would fall for her that hard from their brief exchanges.

    I look forward to your next one, Pete. You’ve got a knack for these serials

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    1. Thanks, Pete. I think it is plausible that someone as lonely as Kevin, who has never had a girlfriend, might easily think he is in love with an unusual young woman, in a very short time. He was also encouraged by her saying that he was the type of man she could fall in love with. He is totally inexperienced, except for ‘chubby Sandra’. 🙂
      But if you (and others) find that too much of a stretch, then I respect that.
      Many thanks for sticking with my stories. You might like this one better. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I agree once again with Fraggle. On my part I never connected with Alice at all whereas I usually do with your characters. I still enjoyed reading the daily chapters, so don’t let me put you off another serial 🙂

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  5. I rather enjoyed it, Pete. I prefer reading your stories in one sitting which you may remember. I am anxious to re-read it when you post it in its entirety.

    You are brave to post in the first place and then handle the critiques so eloquently.

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    1. Thanks, Maggie. As I said below to GP, I appreciate that readers invest a considerable amount of time in these serials, so I so like to hear what they have to say, and hopefully learn from that. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. I think the characterisations were great as always, and don’t take any notice of those of us who wanted a different ending! For myself I just don’t believe in ghosts at all so that probably coloured my reaction, and also I just love your evil endings and you caught me out 😃. I enjoyed reading each episode and looked for it every morning. It most certainly wasn’t an error on your part, and I am looking forward to the next one.

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