‘Stuff to do’

Is your life full of ‘stuff to do’? Mine is.

I have so many jobs waiting to get done, I have given up on even proritising them. Let’s face it, they are known as ‘chores’ for good reason.

a routine task, especially a household one.
“the early risers were up and about, doing their chores”
synonyms: task, job, duty, errand, thing to be done, burden; More
a tedious but necessary task.

Note the two important words in the above definition. ‘Tedious’, and ‘Burden’.

I also decided to read a lot this year, and downloaded a lot of books to my Kindle Fire. As I was in the mood, I bought some used paperbacks and hardbacks too. Since January, I have managed to read sixteen books. But now the others are crying out to me. “Read me!” “Read me next!”

I charged up the batteries for the cordlesss hedge-trimmers last night. The front hedges are beckoning. I can hear them calling through the open window. “Trim us, trim us”. Don’t even get me started on the back hedges. They will have to be satisfied with admiring the job I do with the front ones. Presuming they get done, of course.
Then after wearing myself out weeding a few patio slabs recently, the rest of the slabs are whining. “Weed us, weed us”.
I might have to mow the lawn though, as that is pretty ‘visible’, and best not left to its own devices.

Did I mention all the wood staining? Probably not, as I am trying to forget that. Panels of fences, bars of gates, and the sides of a huge shed. Oh, and the bits around the garage door.
Did someone say “side gate”, or “bin storage fence”? I hope not, as they have zero chance of being done.

Cleaning windows? Where they are concerned, I am actually hoping it rains again. Who cleans windows when it might rain? Not me, I can promise you.

Washing cars? I haven’t washed a car in ten years. The rain does that too. Doesn’t it?

I can tell you, ‘stuff’ mounts up. There is never less ‘stuff’ to do, only ever more.

65 thoughts on “‘Stuff to do’

  1. I know exactly how you feel, Pete. I never seem to stop. I spent more of the weekend baking 60 gingerbread men for Michael’s school and then icing them all. We also did a trial run of baked pretzels for his school fete.

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  2. My husband writes things down which seems to help him avoid being overwhelmed. I keep all the to-dos in my head where they speak to me in the same way yours speak to you. For months my bathroom walls have been yelling “either fix the wallpaper or remove it!”

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  3. I think being a homeowner automatically puts you into the “stuff to do” category. I don’t know about you, Pete, but I’ve reached the age where I often pay someone to do the work. I used to like to do everything, but in some ways, I don’t have the patience I once did. I am in the middle of painting the interior of our house now. Now, I only work 3-4 hours per day as opposed to my younger self who would have been at it all day. That’s the beauty of retirementβ€”there’s always tomorrow.

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    1. I’m already most of the way there, Pete. We paid someone to do the inside painting, and now we are considering paying someone to do a makeover of the garden. Since I got Vertigo a few years back, I am not good with long periods of bending down low, and I also have to be careful on ladders.
      But we have to be cautious with our savings and income, so I do some small jobs when I can.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Thank god I have Phil! 🀣 he sorted out all the overgrown bushes at the front this morning (while I was out with sophie,)after doing both front and back lawns yesterday. He gets cracking early then spends the rest of the day with his tanks- deferred gratification he calls it. And no you can’t borrow him. 🀣

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  5. Pete, stop worrying, you do these chores and then in a month’s time they need doing again. Like housework and dust. I only bother when it is really bad and then the next day I can see the dust is back again. No-one can possibly get excited about chores…

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  6. The month I retired, one of Nancy’s cousins said, :”In a month or so you will wonder when you ever had time to go to a place of employment and work for a living.” Looking back at when I was working, I wonder, β€œHow did all these damned chores get done when I was working for a living over 40 hours a week?”
    Warmest regards, Theo

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    1. Now I have stopped working, I have come to regard chores the same as as work.
      But that means I can’t do them, as I have stopped working, haven’t I?
      It’s a dilemma… πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I don’t see the problem. Since chores are work, you should get paid to do them. No pay and you withhold your labor as any good socialist or labor unionist would! No money coming in results in no chores getting done!
        Warmest regards, The

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    1. It’s definitely an age thing with me, GP. I just used to do all that without thinking about it. Over the last 2-3 years, it has become so that everything seems to be such a mission. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. I can give you a long list too and I never get to ANY of it, thanks to my toddler who never lets me do anything except cleanup after her.

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