Mishka, Call home

Another fictional reblog, from 2015. Quite a few of you read this at the time, but for anyone who has followed since that date, it should be new to you.


This is another fictional short story, of just over 2000 words.

Oliver had always known that one day he might read the message. He checked the personal column every morning, and it was never there. On the few occasions when he had not been able to get a copy of The Times, or had been unavoidably distracted, there was always that nagging worry in the back of his mind that this might have been the day.

Well today had been the day. He checked it over and over. One line, in bold type, something he had never actually believed would happen, staring back at him from the page crammed with text. It had to be for him, there was no chance that it was a coincidence. It was obvious to anyone who understood the way things like this worked, that was certain. But they wouldn’t know it was him. Not…

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11 thoughts on “Mishka, Call home

  1. I really enjoyed this story but am off put by the ending. Not that it’s bad, I just think I missed something or something is not clicking for me. LOL 😂I pulled an all nighter so maybe I am just being dumb but I am a bit confused how he got up in ranks and how it ended. But the writing was incredible as always! Sorry I am a bit slow.😅

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      1. Ohhhhh!!! LOL 😂 I was trying to read more into it. I was thinking some crazy things like with him showing the guy at the dock his ID and he realized he was set up or something. But I was up all night watching Stranger Things so that may have got to my noggin. Great story, Pete. Sorry I was confused at first. I’m glad you shared. 😍💖 xXxX

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