Another reblogged short story, from 2015. Many of you have read this, so it is mainly for followers since that date.


Another short story, all fictional. This is just less than 1700 words.

Rebecca and Gregory had been together since they met at university. There had never been anyone else for either of them, after that first date. It was unusual enough to be studying microbiology with a speciality in bacteriology, and difficult to get to know many others with the same interests. To meet your soul mate on the same course was really beating the odds.

Rebecca could never have been described as attractive, at least during the era that gave us The Beatles, the mini-skirt, and Jean Shrimpton. Gregory was a fan of Trad Jazz, and she liked classical, so neither of them were in the least bothered about the craze for pop music. They were interested in what happened to microbes and bacteria in different situations, and how they caused epidemics, pandemics, infections, and disease. The love for…

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4 thoughts on “Devotion

    1. Thanks, FR. I was once sent to a very similar job, when in the ambulance service. Despite the location in a Kensington back street, the people and events were much like my characters.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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